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Readers Respond: What Online Horse Games to You Play and Why?

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Do you play online horse sim games? What online horse game do you play and why do you enjoy that particular horse game? Your Opinion

Riata is a quality game.

I've played a ton of sims and I usually get bored with them pretty quickly but Riata is by far the best game I've played. It's fun, it's kept my attention, the community is great and the admin are dedicated to making the game as enjoyable as possible.
—Guest Quinn

Riata SIM

I've been playing a whole slew of horse SIMs for about eight years now, and I can honestly say that Riata is the only one that I have truly, whole-heartedly enjoyed and stuck with. The gameplay is extremely realistic, from creating and designing your own 'barn' website to creating your own dream horses to record-keeping. This is one of the most enjoyable SIMs I've played, and the friendly base of players is a huge part of that, as well! Everyone has been so kind and patient as I've asked questions, made silly mistakes, and learned the ropes of the game. I highly recommend Riata for a mature player looking for a realistic, pleasant game.
—Guest SiobhanB


I just recently started playing Riata and it's amazing! It has to be one of the most welcoming communities I've encountered in quite a while. The game's realistic qualities have me hooked.
—Guest Heather


I have been playing Riata consistently for about five years now and I absolutely love it. There is a wide spectrum of breeds and disciplines that are active and there are tons of opportunity for member involvement. Shows are hosted quite often and you can always hold your own show if there is a different discipline you'd like to see have a show. With the addition of the automated banking system, financial records are a lot easier to keep track of and really make you conscious of your spending. Members are incredibly helpful and always willing to go out of their way to help you, all you have to do is ask and the senior staff members are nice as well.
—Guest Ashley


Riata is a forum-based sim game for more mature players. It is highly selective in accepting new players which keeps it a safe-haven for us to relax and play with our horses. I joined in 2012 and the existing players welcomed me into the friendly community - it's safe to say I'm now a Riata-addict!
—Guest Emma

Equine Ranch

I have tried several of the games here and E-R is by far the best I have found. It is realistic and has so much better pacing than other games with realistic genetics. I always feel like there is something to do and I always feel welcome in the community which is well managed. If you have a question there are always people willing to help you find an answer. You should definitely try this one and be sure to stop by the forums to say hi :) They even have a mentoring program to help new players get started on their way to their own goals.
—Guest Sazhra


I personally love HuntAndJump (http://www.huntandjump.com/clickit.php?affid=28362). You can learn a ton about equine genetics, the game is actually a challenge, AND best of all is the primarily adult community (no drama!)
—Guest faedyn

Arcadia Sim

I've been in the SIM community since the mid 90's and this is one of the best games I've found. Everything's integrated, so I only need one login. The community is active and supportive of one another. There is enough competition to keep me busy, but I can still have a real life too. It's all free, the admin and mods work to make things realistic and fair. Like most games, it's not for everyone, but it's definitly worth a shot. It's the only game I've spent any serious time in for the past ten years.
—Guest LongTimeSimPlayer

Equine Ranch

I have been on many horse role playing games over the year but by far my favourite is Equine Ranch. The genetic information on this game is factual and realistic. This game is truly realistic to the real world. It has competitions, breeding and leases just like the real world. It also has veterinarian and farrier involved. Horses actually have personalities that you have to figure out through training them! It has the more disciplines then any other site available. Your horses can train and compete in English, Western, Rodeo, 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Gaited, Endurance, Draft, Racing, Harness Racing, and Steeplechase. All of these competitions have multiple classes that you can enter your horses in. You can train your horse yourself or you can hire someone else to do it! You can also hire groomers and exercisers. YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS SITE! THE COMMUNITY IS AMAZING AND IT IS THE MOST REALISTIC SITE OUT THERE! COULDN'T GIVE IT HIGHER PRAISE! If your bored with howrse check this out!
—Guest Sam Rivers


Riata is an old school forum based equine game. From boarding to competing to breeding and starting your own barn, this game is great for mature players! I've tried many automated games in the past and they grew very boring very quickly and it is harder to connect to the other players. Riata is great because everyone is so friendly and supporting from the game to real life issues. It is very life like in horse care, competing requirements, and allows a lot of freedom for you and your horses. It's simply amazing!
—Guest AshleyJ

Riata sucks

The admin kick you if you have an opinion. They get really offended if you express any opinion that differs from theirs.
—Guest Anonymous

Riata Online

I play Riata Online, and I love it. I like the unique aspects of the game that you just can't find anywhere else. Everyone is friends with everyone.
—Guest Bree

Master Eventer

Try www.mastereventer.com and refer player 35! It's a brand new game but its very fun.
—Guest Lydia

Variety Rules!

I love Horse Eden Eventing, AVirtualHorse, and HuntandJump.com! They are my go-to games. Howrse was too boring and takes SO LONG!
—Guest HopefulHunterJumper

I play Riata!

I play Riata (riata-online.net), it's an old school forum based game for mature players. I love it because not only is it a great game, but I've made some amazing friends. I've been a member for a few years now and can't imagine being anywhere else.
—Guest Jana

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What Online Horse Games to You Play and Why?

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