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Get Ready for Spring!

Mare and Foal

It's time to get back in the saddle if the cold has slowed you down, spruce up your stable and help your horse transition to the warmer weather that is ahead (we hope). 

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Stone Bruises in Your Horse's Hooves

Tuesday April 15, 2014
After a tough winter, when our horses have had to walk on lumpy ice and get lumps of hard snow packed under their hooves, we might notice strange blotches of color on their soles. These are bruises, and they can happen for several different reasons, ice and snow being just two. Stone bruising can cause your horse to become lame, although some horses may not show signs of tenderness.
Image: K. Blocksdorf
It depends on the severity of the bruising. Bruising can also lead to abscesses. Here's how to identify, treat and prevent stone bruising in your horse's hooves.

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When A Snaffle Isn't a Snaffle

Friday April 4, 2014
Sometimes what is referred to as a Western snaffle bit may not be a snaffle bit at all.
This western pelham has a jointed mouthpiece. Is it a snaffle bit?
Here's an explanation of what a snaffle bit isn't.

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Just How Horse Crazy Are You?

Thursday April 3, 2014
How horse crazy are you? Are you just a little bit horse crazy?
Image: 2006 K. Blocksdorf
Or are you 100% horse crazy? Here's a quiz that rates your level of horse craziness. Along with your score, you'll find useful links and learn how to get support for your horse craziness. Take the How Horse Crazy Are You Quiz .

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How to Talk "Bits"

Wednesday April 2, 2014
It's always handy to know the proper words to use when it comes to horse equipment. If you're doing something like buying a bit at the tack shop, and you're trying to describe what you want, it's easier for the person helping you to understand something like,
Image: 2008 K. Blocksdorf
"I want a short S-shanked curb with a low port and fixed rein rings." rather than, "I want a bit with the thingy in the middle of the mouth part, but I want the whatsits at the bottom to be kinda curvy but not too long." Parts of the Curb Bit will explain the various parts of common curb bits so you can talk about bits like a pro.

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