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Get Ready for Spring!

Mare and Foal

It's time to get back in the saddle if the cold has slowed you down, spruce up your stable and help your horse transition to the warmer weather that is ahead (we hope). 

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Why You Shouldn't Buy Your First Horse at An Auction

Wednesday April 23, 2014
This mare was purchased at auction as a 'summer project pony'. After closer inspection the buyer realized she got a 'two for one' deal. Shortly after she brought it home it foaled. It now means the pony won't be very useful for riding until the foal is weaned and she has to buy another for the student she had in mind.
Image: K. Blocksdorf
While she is able to keep the ponies, and take very good care of them until they can be sold or used, not everyone is so lucky.

If you are counting on having a riding horse over the summer, a foal could easily throw a hitch into your plan. Buying an in-foal mare at auction means you don't know the breeding, health, conformation or temperament of the sire (or the mare often times). Even if the foal is so cute...Read Top Five Reasons Not to Buy a Horse at an Auction to learn why buying at an auction may not be the best place to find a first horse.

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Poll: Will You be Competing with Your Horse This Season?

Monday April 21, 2014
Show season is ramping up in our area. There are so many different types of shows and events, from trail riding to speed games and everything in between.

What are your goals and plans for the upcoming season? Are you planning on (or already) competing? What do plan to compete in. Leave your comments below.


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How to Tell If You've Bought the Wrong Horse

Saturday April 19, 2014
If you're not enjoying riding or spending time with your horse, you may have to admit to yourself that you don't own the right horse for you. It's very easy to let your heart rule your head when you buy a horse.
Image: K. Blocksdorf
Or, your life may have changed and the horse that was perfect before might not be a good match for you now. There are lots of reasons why you might own the wrong horse for you. Here's how to tell you've bought, or you own, the wrong horse: 12 Signs You May Have Bought the Wrong Horse

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Slowing Down Your Greedy Eater

Thursday April 17, 2014
Not a lot of horses are picky slow eaters. They do exist, but they are less likely to have problems because of it. The slow eater might have problems keeping weight on, but the greedy eater that bolts its food is more likely to have serious problems with chewing and digestion. This is a problem that many of us deal with, and it can be frustrating, because we know that it can lead to serious consequences.
Image: K. Blocksdorf
What do you do to slow down your greedy eater? Here are some suggestions for making sure your horse slows down and savors its meals: Slowing Down a Horse That Bolts Its Feed

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