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Readers Respond: Your Tips for Running a Safe, Efficient Horse Show

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Do you have experience running horse shows? Maybe you've volunteered at major events, or held gymkhanas for your students. What have you learned that would useful to other readers planning a horse show.

Fences and floats.

I'm currently planning a small horse show for some friends who come to ride my horses. For the ring fencing, I am going to use electric fence standards and electric fence tape. As long as the fence is not on, it is a good, cheap, resuable fence! I don't have room for trailers or floats so I am getting everyone to ride my horses, ie Tommy goes into the ring, does his thing, comes out, hops off, Jane gets on, goes in ect. I'm pretty sure it will work, as long as my horses don't get too tired! I'm limiting the riders at say, 10 though to help prevent that problem. It is on the 24th December, afterwards I might let you know how it went. :-) (Guide Note: horses that know what electric fencing is might not want to get too near the strands. You might have problems getting horses to stay 'on the rail' or go through narrow gates. It also flutters, which can upset some horses. Metal fencing stakes can be dangerous as well.)
—Guest Standardbred

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