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Readers Respond: How do you help your horse shed out its winter coat?

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From the article: Help Your Horse Shed Out
How do you help your horse shed out a winter coat? Have you found the perfect tool or technique to help remove that heavy winter coat? Share Your Tips

groom and groom and groom!

My welsh cob takes quite a while to shed his coat, being a native, so I wash him as often as possible and groom well afterwards. Doing this is more effective after a hack as his pores are open. He has a black shiny coat, but this is spoilt by his dull black-bay straggles of winter coat, which is quite annoying, especially when the rest has come off
—Guest horseluvr11

grooming tip..for horses..

I use a bucket of warm water with a little disenfectant..in the spring cause of the mud an gunk.. the water keeps the hair from flying all over..they get a good cleaning...in fly season i use same but i put in some avon skin so soft an use that to groom.. helps keep the flys away an makes them soft an smell good... I make my own fly spray.. skin so soft. apple cider vinager ucaliptus oil.. lavendar oil touch of baby oil... citranella oil too.. they smell awesome.. an keeps the bugs away...an makes them shin.
—Guest Rebecca

Shedding Tips

What i do with my horses in the spring is use a metal curry comb and then spray Show Sheen on my horses and go back over them with the curry comb again and it makes them shiney and helps them shed too!!! Then allow them to dry which should take about a min. or two.. i do this everyday and my horses look very shiny and great!!!! I also put vegitable oil in my seneior horses feed that i dont ride anymore and he looks great
—Guest Donna Finch

new on market deshedder

this works great... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUVRP-h1Nhw you can find it at sleekez.com to purchase

Shedding tips...

Here's what I do: *Use a shedding blade once a day for 10-15 minutes. *Put vegetable oil into their food to improve their coat condition as the summer comes around (and show season!) *DON'T wear any fleece or clothing that attracts dirt when going out to shed your horse! *Don't wear white... especially if you have a bay, chestnut, or black horse! *As soon as you're done shedding, put your clothes in the washer or run a lint roller over them (can get a lint roller at the pet store). Both work well, but you'll want to wash them anyways. *If it's still cold in your area and doesn't warm up until mid-April or May, don't go too crazy shedding your horse out. They'll need that nice coat to keep warm until the weather gets warm. Good luck and happy shedding!
—Guest Lauren

Shedding tip

A great product that works great when combined with a little elbow grease is Mane n' Tail's Shine-On it is a once a week application, and just like with Show Sheen you need to avoid the girth/cinch areas, but I find it doesn't really make it too slippery. Anyway, this with regular brushing, is a great way to help them shed faster, and it leaves there coat feeling soft and looking great!!! If you want you can see my site for more grooming tips. http://alilhorseplay@blogspot.com/
—Guest alilhorseplay

de-shedding tip

I learned something helpful today when grooming my furry beasts... Don't wear lip balm!! I ended up with furry lips by the time I was done :)
—Guest terri

sheding out

I use a coarse sponge or a grill stone. works great. to get the jhair off your clothes. Buy a cheap pair of coveralls and take them off outside. Hang them up so the wing blows most off. There is a carpet sponge that you can buy for hair on your carpet, works wonders on you and your horse.
—Guest shari

spring shedding

I groom at least 2x's a week with shedding blade first, then rubber curry, then hard bristle brush to finish with sof brush. Always wear a NYLON jacket, shirt, etc., OVER your clothes. This is the only fabric that horse hairs do not attach to.
—Guest Terry

shedding out a horse

I use a metal mane and tail comb to take the hair off the horse! It takes it out in gobs. To take their hair off clothing, saddle pads, blankets etc., i use one of those jelly groomers with the spikes on it. The rubbery material will pull all the hair off easily. Works great for getting pet hair off furniture too!
—Guest horsenaround

Veggie Oil

I add about 1/4-1/2 cup per day to each horse's sweet feed. It helps them shed out and they have nice shiny coats. Also good for adding some weight to ones that need it.
—Guest Tisha

Spring shedding

Start from the inside out. I make sure my horses get flaxseed or rice bran after Christmas. Then I use a jelly rubber curry. Never a metal one as it splits hairs and makes the coat dull. You can use it in a circle or a straight line. I love the shedding block also. I tried the fuzz buster, but my delicate flower didn't like it. My QH friends always do a mayonaise treatment a few days before a show.

lights, blankets, and brewers yeast

We have show horses so 2 months before show season starts they are kept under lights at night, with a sheet, a sheet hood, a mediums heavy, and a heavy with a heavy hood, (when all they've been wearing all winter was a single heavy, the additional gear gets them to shed out for two reasons, their warm so they drop the hair and the weight on the day sheet makes it act like a full body curry comb.) AND the are fed a scoop of Brewers Yeast (can be ordered from any vet supply) once or twice a day depending on how heavy the coat they need to drop is.
—Guest splashadash

Use an Old Hacksaw Blade

If you don't have a sheddin' blade, you can use a very dull hacksaw blade. Wrap the ends with duct tape and make sure you don't cut you or your horse.
—Guest paintluvr

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How do you help your horse shed out its winter coat?

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