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Readers Respond: How to Be a Great Boarder - Your Tips

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Do you have a boarding tip to share? Are you a stable owner who would like to suggest how to be a great boarder? Submit your boarding tips! Your Boarding Tips

how not to annoy your boarders

Please dont tell your boarders they are spoiling their horses. Responsible horse ownership means brushing, picking feet, vaccinate and takes their horse out of the stall when the owner does not turn out as agreed in the contract on. And please dont use the barn as your social outlet and hang out at the barn when boarders come to the barn and talk about your personal problems. First time I left a barn because barn owner "annoying pita". The barn is my second "home". Respect for owner and boarder means so much!

Be responsible!

I personaly have a boarder who is very irresponsible. she pays $150 per horse and has 2 horses. The $150 includes hay( 3 feedins per day), water, stall cleaning, outdoor during the day with stall at night. She has not paid her board in 3 months, comes to see her horses maybe once or twice a month and complains the whole time she is at my barn. Please if u have horses never do this to the barn owner! It makes us want to tear our hair out.
—Guest Barn owner

Responsible owner

Make sure the tack room smells nice, like leather not mold! Aske to see the owners tack. If her/his tack looks bad then that's a sign that they don't care. Horses should not lose weight in the summer! If the horses that the barn owns are ribby DO NOT board there!! Warning signs!
—Guest Duke


I board at a place where there are lots of nasty people who aren't nice to anyone. They complain about everything, and they are never kind. I hate to go to the barn when those people are there, because its no fun to listen to them complain. There are also people that treat their horses like crap... and I don't think that the barn manager should allow it! I am thinking of moving because I can't stand half the people at my barn! IT SUCKS! Just be nice and respectful. And DON'T complain. :)
—Guest LilyBoo7


Don't expect extra unless you pay for it; likewise if you pay for it, demand it!
—Guest Allyson

gossip boarders

I board on private small farm pay full board no contract horse gets somewhat clean stall feed 2 times a day and hay I have to complete at night what wss not completed during day besides that you have the nosy people that want to know whats wrong with your horse and so on then talk behind your back with another boarder anyway sometimes when you pay higher it may be better but not always really check out the place first ask questions a sk around see how the jobs are getting done boarders do be jealous of others dont feed othrr horses that are not yours and worry about your own self and your horses after all we are trying to do the same thing as to keeping the animals safe and cared for
—Guest Guest horse lover


My tip would be ask how the feeding is divided, when you have horses that are over weight and some that are under weight it's not a good commination, the over weight one are pigging all the food, which in time will start aggressive behavior. My thought is, find a way to make everyone work with the same weight class. Just my thought.
—Guest Dawn

do what you say you will do

Don't forget to feed or take care of your horse. Just because your boarding doesn't mean it's all their responsibility. And clean up after your horse if it poops in the cross ties clean it up. Make sure you ALWAYS pay on time not even a day later.
—Guest Savana D.

You get what you pay for

It is amazing how there are so many artices on what a stable should do and have to offer. But what they are missing is that the price WILL reflect what the stable does and has to offer. People expect something for nothing and this is wrong. If a stable does not have premium facilty or as much hay as you like, the price usually is lower. Do not complain about not getting things when you pay a low price. IF you need the things you complain about not getting, then GO to a barn that gets you those things, but then PAY their higher price without wining about that too! I am sorry, but you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot go to any other business and help yourself to extra cheese for your burger, so do not expect to help yourself to extra hay, grain and bedding for your horse. If a stable does not give you enough, then go elsewhere! It's unbelievable how people grumble about what they are not getting or constantly want extras and not pay for it, yet stay.
—Guest Barn Queen

Another Thought....

Understand you are paying for someone to do what you don't; you should expect quality- and safe- keeping of your horse(s) but if you want it done to perfection, then you know how to do it...........
—Guest MgrsSide

How to Be a Great Boarder, part 2

1. first you have to actually have a contract to give me 2. I always pay my bills on time, now you order supplies/get the work done on time, please 3. When I bring up a problem, I expect the barn manager to also address it promptly and courteously 4. when I offer to buy something/pay for something, don't say "oh you can just borrow it from me" and then get mad when I borrow it 5. Ill clean up after myself, as long as you clean my horse's stall properly 6. Don't pick "favorites" among boarders just because one person's horse "nicer" than mine 7. When I pay for extra care with an agreed upon, my horse better be getting it 8. Don't let your three year old run around unsupervised and blame my horse when she gets stepped on 9. Don't shrug off legitimate questions about my horse's care 10. Don't get mad at me when I leave
—Guest Guest Boarder

Working Off the Board...?

If You are Able to Work off the Board, That is Great But Remember you Are Working It off So dont Expect to just clean a Stall and say "Im Done" These are Most likely some of the Things The Barn Owner/Manager will Get you to do... 1.Feed 2.Muck out 3.Blanket 4. turn Out 5.catch 6. Maybe Tack up a horse for Someones Lesson I Can Guarantee It Will be Hard work and Tough dirty work Too But I Can imagine Like any horse person would do Is Want to make their horse Happy Be Prepared For Alot of Work But Have FUN... :) !
—Guest ......Horsey......

What to look for in a Boarding Stable ?

1. Healthy looking horses 2.Tidy stable and tack room 3.Not to may droppings in a field (Pasture) 4.Safe environment for your horse/pony 5.That Gates are hung properly (Not drooping down or to high up) 6.That hay,supplements are top notch 7.That the water troughs(or Buckets) are Clean and have Fresh water in them 8.That the stable manager Is Helpful and kind 9.Things get done when they are supposed to be done 10. Not to many horses in an arena Bonus: That you are not paying to much for what accessibility you get
—Guest Cowgirl

Be A Good Boarder

Keep your treats and feed to yourself, do not feed others horses. Don't complain that one horse isn't getting 'proper' care just because it's being ridden western. And be respectful to all boarders and workers. Do not invite friends without notifying the stable owner and don't expect to be able to 'play' in the ring while a lesson is going on. Use common sense.
—Guest Howler

Responsible boarder

We board three horses at a barn that keeps around 45 horses. We pay on time, arrive and leave on time, clean up after ourselves and our horses, turn out lights when not in use, lock the tackroom, never run out of grain, etcetera. Occasionally, something is not done that we have paid for (extra hay or shavings, blanketing) and I send a text message or email (phone can be annoying to the recipient) saying what's not right. If it is worth paying for, it is worth receiving. Similarly, owners must think if it is worth doing or providing, then it is worth paying for. We have never had a disagreement. A responsible owner will be glad to hear of errors so they can be rectified. It works to develop relationships with managers and to offer help if they are short handed or running late. There is no requirement to do this, and the service should be good regardless. But if boarders go more than halfway, it is likely so will owners and managers.
—Guest Bobo

Your Boarding Tips

How to Be a Great Boarder - Your Tips

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