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Make Zipping Up Long Zippers Easier with Koper Tall Boot Zipper Boot Pull

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Koper Tall Boot Leather Zipper Pull

Koper Tall Boot Leather Zipper Pull

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The Bottom Line

There's nothing worse than working up a sweat before you ever get on your horse, and sometimes getting dressed and tacking up can do just that. One of the most frustrating things is getting those long zippers on tall boots done up, without putting a kink in your neck and breaking a finger nail. Koper Tall Boot Pulls take some of the struggle out of 'booting up'. I thought these were really well made and very handy.

I'm keeping mine handy, in my horse's brush box, to use when I do up my half chaps, and of course they make doing up tall boots easier, especially as you have to crane around backwards to get this done. The pulls would make a really great little prize at shows or as a stocking stuffer at holiday time. This is a very clever and innovative item and kudos to Koper for finding ways to use small ends of bridle leather. Cleaned and conditioned like your saddle or bridle, these pulls should last for years. Definitely if you consider 'cost per use' these are worth it despite my feeling that the price is a bit high.

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  • Good quality leather and hardware
  • Customizable
  • Very useful for tall boots, half chaps and other long zippers.


  • I personally found it difficult to hold the snap open.
  • Price might be a bit high for some people at $12.95 per pull.


  • Customizable colors
  • Good quality leather
  • Sturdy construction
  • Very useful for your boots and other long zippers

Guide Review - Make Zipping Up Long Zippers Easier with Koper Tall Boot Zipper Boot Pull

If you have difficulty pulling up the zippers on your tall boots, half-chaps or any other long zipper you'll love the Koper Tall Boot Zipper Boot Pull. These sturdy zipper pulls are made of good quality bridle leather with silver hardware. The leather comes in black, chestnut, havana and hazelnut. And like the Koper Easy On Rein Stop, the fasteners come in a variety of colors that either match the leather or your gear. You can even have bright colored jeweled fasteners, which might help prevent the item from becoming lost in the bottom of your tack box.

If there was one small thing I disliked about the boot pull it was the way the snap hook opened. I found it a little difficult to manipulate. I had to hook a fingernail under the the trigger to open it, and that was a bit difficult, especially when wearing my boots. Perhaps easier to open would be a small bolt snap hook or quick snap. But the hardware is very sturdy.

Once the pull was on the zipper, it was much easier to pull the zipper up. Certainly, it was a lot more comfortable to grasp the pull than fiddling with the tiny zipper pull on the zipper itself, especially if you already have your riding gloves on and your zipper is a bit sticky in places.

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