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Parts of the Horse--The Ergot


Parts of the Horse The Ergot

The brown area amongst the hair is the ergot on the underside of the fetlock joint.

K. Blocksdorf 2006
Definition: The ergot is thought to be another vestige of a toe similar to the chestnut. It grows from the rear underside of the fetlock joint. The composition is somewhat like soft hoof wall material. It tends to be somewhat tougher than the chestnut and not so easy to peel away with your fingers. On some horses it will be a very small nub, while on others it may be much larger, curling and splitting as it grows. If it becomes long and unsightly you can trim it down with hoof clippers or ask your farrier to trim it when he trims your horse’s feet.
She was alarmed to find the ergots had grown to be over 2 inches long, but the farrier trimmed them off quickly.

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