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Find The Right Coach for Your First Horseback Riding Lesson


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The fastest, easiest and safest way to learn to ride is with a good coach or instructor.

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The safest and fastest way to learn to ride a horse well is by taking riding lessons with a good coach or instructor. Websites, books and DVDs are good places to start, but nothing replaces the one-on-one coaching a good riding instructor can provide. Coaches can provide the instantaneous personalized feedback, correcting your mistakes and building on your strengths, that is impossible to get no matter how lofty the promises of books, websites or videos may be. Coaches can also help you ride the right type of horse for your skill level, help with confidence issues and stop bad habits before they take root. By far, the safest and fastest way to learn to horseback ride is with the help from a coach or instructor. Here are tips for finding a coach that's right for you.


  • Where do you find a coach? Here are some ideas to help you find a riding lesson coach you are comfortable with. Usually, if you already have a friend who rides, they can suggest a riding coach. If not, there are other easy ways to find a riding lesson coach or instructor right for you.


  • What makes a good instructor? Happy students, a safe environment and healthy horses are just a few of the things you should see when visiting a riding lesson stable. Do credentials guarantee you've found a good riding lesson coach? Maybe, maybe not. Here are other things to look for when choosing an instructor or coach for horseback riding lessons.


  • What you should ask a riding lesson coach or instructor? There are some things you will want to ask a riding lesson instructor or coach before you start your horseback riding lessons, whether you bring your own horse or use a school horse or start private or group lessons.


  • What the instructor should ask you? Your riding lesson coach will need to know a few things about you before you start. Here is what your riding lesson coach should be asking you.

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