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Plants Toxic to Horses - Buttercups

Plants Toxic to Horses - Buttercups


Plants Toxic to Horses - Buttercups

Buttercups growing around the margin of a marsh area.

2007 K. Blocksdorf
These buttercups were found on the margin of a marshy area in a pasture. The flowers are yellow and cup shaped with sharply lobed leaves off of a thin stem. The grass around them was well grazed. Horses will avoid eating buttercups if there is more desirable feed available. After a hard frost or dried in hay buttercups are no longer toxic.

Buttercups may cause:

  • irritation of the mouth area

  • colic like symptoms

  • diarrhea
Resource: Indiana Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Pets Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University

If you suspect poisoning from any plant or substance call your veterinarian immediately.

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