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Top 10 Gifts for Horse Owners and Horse Lovers

Great Gifts for Horse Lovers


Writing your letter to Santa or wondering what the horse lover in your life would like to find under the tree this Christmas? Here are a few ideas in a variety of price ranges.

1. Fill a Feed Pail

Heated horse water bucket
Fill a bucket with goodies you've selected yourself. Wrap it up with clear cellophane wrap and top it with a baler twine bow. Need ideas for items to fill that bucket with? Check out Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for Horse Owners.
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2. Equine Behavior-A Guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists

Equine Behavior-A Guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists is an up-to-date, comprehensive guide to horse behavior. Although the title says 'Scientists and Veterinarians' horse lovers will be fascinated by this thorough examination of all aspects of behavior including socialization, evolution, vices, perception, learning, feeding behavior and much more.
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3. Riding Lessons or Clinics

Every horse owner welcomes an opportunity to improve their skills. Why not give gift certificates for a local riding stable, or a private lesson with a top flight coach? There are always seminars and clinics on every aspect of care, riding, driving, or training. Some of the more popular are Natural Horsemanship, Centered Riding, Tteam and Mary Wanless-Ride With Your Mind among many others.

4. Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook

A reference book on veterinary horse care is a handy addition to any horse owner's library. This is one of the most comprehensive books available. Readers will appreciate the quick reference "Index of Signs and Symptoms" for identifying emergency situations.
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5. Treeless or Soft Tree Saddles

Treeless Saddles
Image: K. Blocksdorf

Treeless or soft tree saddles are a new trend in saddlery. They fit a variety of horses and enthusiasts claim they are the ultimate in comfort. Expect to pay a minimum of $800 for a treeless saddle. There are several manufactures specializing in treeless saddles. Some are more suitable for trail riding but several have the look of traditional English or Western saddles. Some of the more popular brands are Bob Marshall, Ansur, and American Flex. Most offer a 'try before you buy' option.

6. Bag Balm

Strange as it sounds Bag Balm was a hot item at a recent silent auction I was at. Originally developed to keep the skin on milk cow's udders from getting chapped, it's become a favorite of anyone who has to work outdoors in cold weather. Pair Bag Balm with a pair of work or riding gloves for an unusual and practical gift. Great idea for your coach or boarding stable owner.
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7. Winter Riding Jacket

For cold weather riding a jacket designed for the job helps keep riders warm and comfortable. Vents in the back allow the jacket to sit over the back of the saddle, instead of the rider sitting on their coattails. Shoulders are cut wider to allow movement of upper back and arms. Some jackets are available with reflective tape and patches for extra visibility on dull winter evenings.

8. Kerrits Riding Tights

Kerrits are hands down my favorite riding tights for every day schooling and pleasure riding. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Matching tops keep riders looking smart and feeling comfortable.
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9. Horse Etched Mirror

Here's a beautiful way to bring horses into the house. Oak framed mirrors etched with three Arabian horses come in a variety in shapes and sizes.
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10. Tack Trunk

Help your horse lover store their stuff. Tack trunks keep equipment safe and clean when not in use. With every thing packed and organized it's easy to prepare for trail rides and horse shows. Some come with padded seats so a non-rider has somewhere to sit and wheels for easy moving.
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