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Description, Action and Uses of an Eggbutt Snaffle


Eggbutt Snaffle

An Eggbutt snaffle. The mouthpieces on some eggbutts are very wide and make a mild bit for a young horse, or one with a very sensitive mouth.

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Eggbutt snaffles can have a straight or jointed mouthpiece. The rings are attached to the mouthpiece by wide cylindrical cheek pieces. The mouthpiece of the bit tapers inwards from the cheeks. These tapers may start out very wide or rather narrow depending on the bit. Wider tapers indicate a milder bit, but some horses with small mouths may have problems holding a wide bit. The bit pictured has a narrow taper to the jointed mouthpiece.


One of the most commonly used English snaffle bits is the eggbutt snaffle. It is useful in training a young horse, general riding, and the beginning stages of dressage.

How It Works:

Like most English snaffle bits the primary action is the pull on the bars of the mouth. The shape of the cheeks prevents the bit from pinching the horse’s lips. The jointed mouth piece exerts a nut cracker effect when the bit is engaged, pressuring the tongue and roof of the mouth.

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