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What basic equipment do I need to feed, handle, ride or drive my horse?


Question: What basic equipment do I need to feed, handle, ride or drive my horse?
Once you get a horse, you'll need a few basic pieces of equipment. Many of the things you may already own if you have a country property. The pitchforks, wheelbarrows and shovels used for cleaning up after horses are the same as you'd buy in any hardware store. There are some specialty items you'll need to pick up at your local tack shop, such as special brushes and the tack for riding and driving. Some of the items, like feed and water troughs can be made of re-purposed buckets and barrels. Just be sure there were no toxic substances stored in them, and that they're well cleaned out.

Although bits, bridles and saddles might be something you're excited to acquire before you bring your horse home, it might be best to wait. That way, you'll be able to custom fit your horse, keeping it comfortable and happy.

Answer: Feeding and water:

  • Feed tub

  • Water trough or large buckets

  • Water heater if you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures.
Barn and Pasture Maintenance

  • Pitch fork

  • Stable broom

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Manure Fork

  • Premise spray if insects are a problem
Handling and Grooming

  • Halter

  • Lead ropes

  • Hoof Pick

  • Curry Comb

  • Body Brush

  • Mane Comb

  • Cloth (an old washcloth)

  • Saddle with girth or cinch

  • Saddlepad or Blanket

  • Bridle

  • Helmet

  • Safety Stirrups or boots with a one inch heel

  • Harness with bridle

  • Safe sturdy vehicle

  • Driving whip

  • Helmet
Emergency Care
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