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Mare and foal

This foal will need its mother's milk for at least the first three months of its life.

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Definition: A baby horse, donkey, mule, zebra or pony under one year old. If a mare is said to be 'in foal' that means she is pregnant with a foal. Usually foal is used to refer to a very young horse, but you'll sometimes hear an adult horse referred to as another horse's, either it's sire or dam's foal. The foaling date means the date the mare is predicted to give birth. Sometimes, colt is used to refer to any baby horse, but this is incorrect. A colt is a male foal and a filly is a female foal.
Pronunciation: fol (long 'o' sound)
Also Known As:

  • colt is a male foal

  • filly is a female foal
The colt and filly played in the field while their mothers grazed the grass.
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