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Horse Boarding - Boarding Your Horse

Not everyone can keep their horses at home. Sometimes the next best option is to board your horse. Learn about different types of horse board, how to be a great boarder and how to find the perfect boarding stable for your horse.

Tips for Successful Horse Boarding
Once you've found a stable that you want to board your horse at you'll want to make sure you're the type of boarder the owner is glad to have in their barn.

How Much Does it Cost to Board a Horse?
The costs of boarding your horse at a boarding stable can vary greatly. Here are some examples that can affect the cost of horse board and types of board available.

Choosing a Boarding Stable for Your Horse
Tips for choosing a boarding stable for your horse. What should you look for when trying to pick the best boarding stable where your horse will be cared for and you will be comfortable? Here are ideas to consider when trying to pick the best place to board your horse in.

Poll: Boarding Your Horse
Do you board your horse? Take this poll and tell us what type of board you have. Do you pasture board, full board or part board? Do you have a different arrangement? Take the poll or leave a comment.

Types of Horse Board
Here is a description of different types of boarding arrangements you might find at a boarding stable. Learn about full board, part board, pasture board and other boarding situations.

Readers' Boarding Tips - Tips for Boarding Your Horse Successfully
Are you a good boarder? The type that stable owners are glad to have in their barn? Here's ten tips for boarding your horse successfully.

How to Board Horses In Your Stable
Do you have an extra stall, or extra space in your pastures? Here's how to board other people's horses.

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