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Description, Action and Uses of a Western Correction Bit


Western Correction Bit

A Western correction bit.

2005 K. Blocksdorf


Called a correction bit, this is a western style bit with a high port, thin mouthpiece, and copper wire wraps. The mouthpiece is also jointed on both sides of the port. The lower rings are ‘butterfly’ style.


This can be a very severe bit in the hands of an inexperienced rider and should only be used by experienced trainers for a short time to correct a specific problem.

How it Works:

This is a curb bit that will apply pressure in the mouth, on the jaw, poll and roof of the mouth. Although the shanks are relatively short, the port is very high and the mouthpiece is thin, hinged, and wire wrapped meaning there will be a lot of action within mouth. The copper wires increase saliva flow which in turn increases sensitivity in the mouth.

Again, bits of this nature should only be used by trainers with years of experience who understand exactly the mechanics of the bit, the risks in using a bit like this and the result they wish to achieve.

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