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Basic Horse Care


Learn how to feed, house, and care for your horse or pony. Discover how feeding ponies differs from feeding a horse, what good health looks like and when to call the vet. Learn to groom, stable, and care for your horse or pony safely with these tips and articles.
  1. Essential Horse Care
  2. Feeding Your Horse
  3. Barns, Stalls and Shelters
  1. Grooming and Hoof Care
  2. Boarding Your Horse
  3. Summer Horse Care Tips

Essential Horse Care


Here's what you need to know when you bring your first horse home. Learn the basics of feeding, tying and caring for your first horse.

Feeding Your Horse

Round Hay Bale

While grass is a horse's natural food it's not always available, and may not be adequate in some situations. Learn about choosing hay, feeding concentrates, avoiding toxic plants, and the importance of water.

Barns, Stalls and Shelters

mare and foal

Most horses spend some of their time indoors in a stall. Even if you don't stable your horse, a run-in shed can be a place to shelter your horse from sun, wind, rain and bugs. To maintain good health and safety, barns, sheds and stalls need to be properly designed.

Grooming and Hoof Care

Brushing the tail

Grooming is an important part of horse care. At minimum your horse should be groomed before riding or driving. A quick grooming every day is a good way to check the condition of your horse's skin and hooves.

Boarding Your Horse

Horse looking out door

Not everyone can keep their horses in the back yard. Boarding is the next best thing. You'll want to find the best stable, where you and your horse are happy. Here's what to look for, how much it may cost and how to be the type of boarder stable owners are glad to have in their barns.

Summer Horse Care Tips

horse lying down

The lazy, hazy days of summer are finally here. Since your horse can't relax in the pool or chill out with AC during the hottest time of the day you'll need to find ways to help him stay cool. And biting insects can be real pests, sometimes harassing horses until they are frantic. Here are some tips to help your horse stay comfortable this summer.

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