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How to Groom Your Horse


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Using the Finishing Brush
The Finishing Brush

The Finishing brush makes your horse's coat sleek and glossy and removes the last traces of dust and dirt. Use long sweeping strokes over the whole body and broad areas of the face.

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My mother always joked that she never used a finishing brush because she never felt she was finished grooming her horse. Well, you might never want to finish, but your finishing brush will help bring out the shine on your horse’s coat. A finishing brush will have shorter softer bristles and may be used on your horse's or pony's face if you don’t have a special brush just for that. Gently whisk away dust from the broader areas on your horse’s face, ears and throat. With sweeping strokes whisk away any dust missed by the body brush. The finer bristles help smooth out the body hair and leave your horse looking more finished and glossy. When you think you are done, you can apply a grooming spray. Grooming sprays, depending on the type, can provide sun protection, and add shine to your horse’s coat, but they aren't necessary. If you plan to ride however, be aware that some products may make the hair slippery and could cause your saddle to shift. Try to avoid application to the saddle area.

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