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What type of exercise or work can an older horse do? Can I still ride or drive m


Question: What type of exercise or work can an older horse do? Can I still ride or drive m
May people wonder at the workload an older horse can maintain.
Answer: Regular exercise will help your horse maintain soundness. Your horse might not be as agile or supple as in younger days, so keep this in mind. However, a horse that has worked all of its life may not benefit from becoming a pasture potato.

Sliding stops, all day trail rides/drives or jumping may have to go by the wayside, but regular light riding may be beneficial. Many of us are only able to ride our horses on the weekends, but your senior horse would probably be better off ridden lightly a few times a week, rather than just one long, hard ride on Sunday afternoon. It is possible to give your horse pain relievers, but talk to your veterinarian about this and carefully consider the possible side effects of giving drugs. There are many natural preparations formulated for seniors, but again be sure to do all of your research before adding ‘a little something’ to your horse’s diet.

If your horse becomes very arthritic or otherwise unsound, it may be time for retirement. Of course, just because your horse doesn’t work anymore doesn’t mean you can skimp on care. The best exercise at this point is a nice pasture with good grass and forgiving footing. Continue to provide all the best basic care and give your retired horse the ‘golden year’s it deserves.

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