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Can Horses Eat Watermelon Rinds?

By August 22, 2013

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I know watermelons are a favorite treat at our house during these hot summer days. It's pretty natural to want to share a treat with your friends--your equine friends included. While rinds don't taste that great to us (unless you know someone who can pickle them up), your horse will probably crunch them down with zeal. But are those watermelon rinds okay for your horse to eat? It's a common question and one that was recently asked on the forum.

Is it okay to pitch the rind over the fence when you're done eating the red part? The answer is yes, in small quantities, watermelon rind is okay. And they can eat the ripe part too. Just remember that there is a lot of sugar in watermelons, so it's not a good idea to toss those half ripe melons into the pasture. You might end up with a horse that has colic. If your horse is greedy eater you might want to break the rind into pieces. But there's no reason your horse can't enjoy this summertime treat--in moderation.

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August 22, 2011 at 2:57 pm
(1) elmobuddy1 says:

I know a horse that stole and ate a hamburger :O !!

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