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Readers Respond: How to Say Horse in Another Language

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Do you know how to say horse in a language other than English? Share your knowledge by submitting the word, its translation and if possible, how to pronounce it. Share Your Knowledge


In Bulgarian we call a horse "кон" and pronounse it "kon".
—Guest Arwen_6


In Bulgarian we call a horse "кон" and pronounse it "kon".
—Guest Arwen_6


Spanish- Caballo (Pronounced "Ka-bai-oh") Italian- Cavallo (Pronounced "Ka-vai-oh") French- Chevelle (Pronounced "Shev-ahl")
—Guest RocketGiraffe

dog in another language

perro is dog in spanish. caballo is horse in spanish.
—Guest kjlskldjflsdhfljs


horse - koń horses - konie pony - kuc (often called diminutive kucyk) ponies - kuce (often called diminutive kucyki) stallion - ogier mare - klacz gelding - wałach colt - źrebię or źrebak (male) or źróbka (female)
—Guest Dot

how to say horse in another language

IN GREEK HORSE IS ΑΛΟΓΟ (PRON. ALOGO) in plural αλογα aloga (pron aloga) the mare is called φοραδα(pron forada) and the stallion επιβητορας ( pron.epivitoras)

Horse is Pferd in German

Pferd is the the singular word in German, Pferde is more than 1 horse. Pony-Ponies is the same in German as in English.
—Guest Simone O'Connor

horse in spanish

horse in spanish is actually caballo, cabello means hair.
—Guest kimcole

Horse names

Spanish = Caballo French = Cheval Italian = Cavallo Dutch = Paard Swedish = Häst
—Guest Star

horse in spanish

Cabello =================================================
—Guest sammcdonough


In German, Pferd means Horse____________________________________________________________
—Guest Gungho


In Polish language horse means koń ....................................................................................................
—Guest Kinga

how to say horse in another language?

in Arabic language ( hisan , gawad , sabih , faras )

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How to Say Horse in Another Language

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