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Readers Respond: How Old is the Oldest Horse You Know?

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From the article: How Old is the Oldest Horse
How old is the oldest horse you know? Is it living comfortably, being ridden or driven? Does it have health problems or need any special care? Share the age of, and what you know about the oldest horse you know. Share Your Information

Oldest horse I know

The oldest horse i know is a 42 year old quarter horse that is still going strong in light work, like leadline walking lessons
—Guest Anna D

37 years old

My own pony, Lady is her name, have had her 29years and think she is 37years old? She is of no particular breed.14.1 hands high
—Guest Sheila Morphey

oldest working cowhorse

I ride and still team rope on my 27 yr old who still acts and works like he has since he was 5. Obviously we take it a little easier on him but the horse doesn't ever seem to age and really hasn't lost any ability at all.
—Guest TJ

Oldest Horse i know

10 yrs ago a Horse neamed Bullwinkle at the the Pleasanton Fairground's, He wa 42!!
—Guest Theresa

horse owner

One of my horses is 41 years old.We got her when she was 2 for our 5 year old son, who now is almost 45.
—Guest Bob

Not as old as the rest but well up there

I ride a 40 year old sweet heart whos name is Sweetie. :) She is still going strong!
—Guest Choochie

Jack's dolly pardon

My horse Dolly Pardon will be 44 years old on May 1, 2001. She was foaled on 5/15/1978. I have owned her since she was six years old. Is she the oldest living horse.
—Guest faye coleman


1 of are ponies died just last year at around 40 years old we also have a 50 year old Shetland pony who can still be riden
—Guest emma

34 years old

My horse is 34 years old - I have had her since she was 4 years old so I can verify her age.
—Guest j garden

My learning pony, precious

When I was just learning to ride a few years ago, I rode a horse called precious who was 35. Note that I am not that old myself. She is now still alive and 41, still growing strong. Her breed may be a help to this however, as she is a welsh mountain pony. At the moment I now own a welsh cob, who is at the age of 21, but you wouldent have thought it. He has 15hh and is still a lively gelding.
—Guest domin123


I knew a horse called Barney and he was 44 years old but just died last year, every horse is different.
—Guest Georgie

My little old pony :-)

My Exmoor pony is 44!!!! :-) We have had him since he was 27 for my little girl's sixth birthday. He has (and still is) a delight!! He's taught so many children to ride. Bless him
—Guest Lynn

soon to be 32

a wonderful "hand me down" horse from my neice, he pretty much does his own thing and rules the two mares he roams the farm with--he loves the freedom --we are growing up together --I am 75 and I still love to ride him bareback --for short rides, best horse ever!!
—Guest Jo

The oldest horse I know

The oldest horse I know is my 32 yr old QH mare. I've owned her for 23 years. She is sound and in great health. She has some grey hair around her eyes and her mane is thinning. She was an awesome cow horse and I still do light riding on her. I feed her alfalfa and LMF Senior. Evenings she's in a stall w/ a 24' run and she's turned out in a pasture everyday. If it's raining I turn her out around the barn. I think good care, feed and movement is the reason she is still so full of life! She has become more lovable in her old age. This once wanna be wild horse now follows me around wanting MORE brushing. She's awesome and I will love and care for her until the day she dies or has to be put down.
—Guest Misty Thurman

Senior Horses Rule

I am a farrier in AK and I work on lots of sr. horses in x-cess of 25+. I personally own a 33yr, 31yr,27yr old horses. The oldest one I have worked with was Hondo and he was 52 and still at the round bale with the herd. He went to heaven this last summer. I miss him. As for my 3 old girls I've had them all their lives and still ride and drive them lightly.
—Guest Heidi S. Larrabee

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How Old is the Oldest Horse You Know?

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