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Readers Respond: How Old is the Oldest Horse You Know?

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From the article: How Old is the Oldest Horse
How old is the oldest horse you know? Is it living comfortably, being ridden or driven? Does it have health problems or need any special care? Share the age of, and what you know about the oldest horse you know. Share Your Information


I have a 37 yo pony -still canters in the paddock on occasion (hasnt been ridden for 5 years) Wondering how long he will last in reasonably good health
—Guest Helen

My horse

She will be 26 this May has all her teeth a lot of spunk and is used as a lesson horse. She makes sure who ever is on her stays safe no matter what and she's taught me more than I can say. I hope my sweet Gypsie quarter horse lives another 30 healthy and happy years and it's my mission to bring that to fruition.
—Guest Deb

31 going on 13

Tsunami is 31, anglo-Arab, 16.1 h and could probably handle a 50-mile Endurance ride if someone's life depended upon it. I got him as a weanling and now when people ask "How long do horses live," I reply "FOREVER!! YOu GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!" Going now to pick up shredded carrots for my famous beet pulp and E. Senior Soup. Prevacox for dessert and tomorrow, we ride.....
—Guest clayton

my horses age

My mare is quarter and appy mix. 35 yrs old. I bought her for 150 dollars. Best trail horse in her day. She has most her teeth. Loves to eat soaked beetpulp.
—Guest jo ann

my old horse

My old horse has been my life long friend from the age of 9. Here it is Christmas Eve, 2013, and he is not doing to good. I got to thinking of how long I've owned him and wanted to know how old he really is. When I looked at his papers I was shocked to find that he was born in 1977 which makes him 35 years old.
—Guest Josh Cozart

44 year old quarter horse

My best friend had a quarter horse who lived til she was 44 years old. She had owned her since she was 2. She had her on a special diet of senior feed and also provided alfalfa cubes and beet pulp that had been soaked prior to feeding. She had stopped riding her around the age of 38. Magic is now buried at her home and it was very sad to see her pass.
—Guest Darla

Oldest Horse I knew

Res was a sweet, spirited, 36 year old quarter horse, and was going strong, and would have lived longer, but was hit by a car and died.
—Guest HannahGaia

horse age

The oldest horse I know lived to be almost 40 years old.
—Guest aryana

oldest horse i knew

A Belgian draft horse, died a while ago at age 54. A very good ride and was really gentle.
—Guest narma narma


Naja is the oldest horse i know. She is 42 years, and is a white arabian horse. She is at my barn, and still gives lessons for very small, beginner girls just walking, and maybe a couple steps of trot. But when shes in the paddock, she gallops around and bucks
—Guest Ruth

My horse

My sisters horse lived to be 35 years old he died a couple months ago he was an amazing horse.
—Guest Sarah

hackney mix

i am so fortunate to still have my 36 year old black and white paint mare. she is a hackney mix. ive had her since she was 12 years old. i have pictures of me riding her when i was a child and now i have pictures of my son on her as well! she is such a sweet gal and i hope she lives forever!
—Guest Amy


We'll the oldest horse I know is a quarter horse named jag that I lease she Is 22 my horse that i own is 19 she can still jump! And is picking up side passes quick
—Guest Aubrey

My Horse Chip.

My Quarter Horse Chip is the oldest horse I know. He is around 46yrs old and still full of oats
—Guest Jennifer Hodge


We have a ponie that is 46 years old I got him when he was 2 years old for my 8th birthday I am now 52! My kids have all road him and they're kids have all road him! He is a spoiled old horse. He get special senior food a blanket in the winter with a heated barn, and I have always made it a point to leave his pasture gate open during the day so if he wants to come up to the house and visit he can! He is a big part of our family!
—Guest Cowgirl

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How Old is the Oldest Horse You Know?

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