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Readers Respond: Reader's Blanketing Tips

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From the article: Blanketing Tips and Tricks
Share your tips for safely and effectively blanketing a horse in a stable or outdoor blanket. Share Your Tips


Regarding winter blanketing, if it stays in the 40's during the day and then into the 30's and 20's at night, is it a good idea to consistently leave the blanket on? Mine is rated as medium/heavy (appropriate for down to 25 degrees F). I have been taking it off during the day, then back on at sundown but this is an extra chore I'd rather do without. I see other horses all over the place with their blankets on for days on end, whether it is sunny or not. Thanks for any suggestions. Katherine's Comment: Where I live these temperatures are mild (it was -8F/-22C here this morning). I don't know if I would blanket at all, except if it was wet or windy. As long as your horse has shelter from the elements and lots of food, you might not use a blanket at all. Watch your horse--does it look comfortable and is staying in good condition? Let that be your guide.
—Guest nancy

Blanketing tips

I have a couple of blankets for my horse but I only use them if it gets really cold. My horse is not clipped. Nature didn't mean for horses to be clipped.

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Reader's Blanketing Tips

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