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Readers Respond: Share your tips for safely and effectively cleaning a gelding's sheath.

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Do you have a tip that can make the job of cleaning a gelding's sheath easier, more effective or safer? Share your tips!

sheath cleaning

Sorry guys - I just take the easy way out and get the Vet to do this under sedation and to me it is worth it.

Safe sealth cleaning

Okay, everyone knows this falls under the category of tedious and strange jobs, but it must be done for your gelding's health. It is critical. Be sure not to get all the gunk off during his first cleaning, or he may be sore the next few days. Clean him once and then continue the next day.
—Guest Kaitlin

Video of Sheath Cleaning

http://www.horsehero.com/1175/health-and-well-being/6226 Follow this link for a step by step video demonstration of sheath cleaning!

Try Excaliber

Excaliber is made for sheath cleaning. It has a more pleasant smell too.
—Guest Pennysboys

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