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Readers Respond: Your tips for recycling items and materials in your stable.

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Please share your tips for recycling and re-using items and materials in your horse's stable. What do you do with feed bags, twine and other materials? What other materials or items do you recycle or find new uses for? Share Your Tips

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-I usually use feed bags for trash. -Sometimes I reuse vet wrap if I used it for someting like wrapping an uninjured leg or tail. -You can use broken halters as neck straps so you dont fall, however they sometimes slip. -I keep my feed in an old freezer that didnt work. The mice and rats can not get in. -Rags CAN be washed and reused or if they were only used for grooming then you can hang them on a fence and they rinse really well. -Saddle pads can also be cleaned this way. -I have never thrown away a broken halter. They are good for cutting up to use as blanket patches.
—Guest Mandy

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I have the book Eco-Horsekeeping and it is full of recycling and green hints like reusing water, composting manure, etc.
—Guest Ruth E

Share Your Tips

Your tips for recycling items and materials in your stable.

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