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Readers Respond: Readers' Tips for Eco-Friendly Manure Management

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Share your environmentally friendly tips for managing manure and manure piles. What are your tips for reducing or re-using horse manure?

Compost It

We compost all manure and use it to fortify our soil. And we use it everywhere: veggie garden, flower beds, lawn, around fruit trees. I even mix it into potting soil for my potted plants. We never buy chemical fertilizers and our plants look great!

Eco-friendly Manure Management

I have 4 horses that I keep at my home. They have 24 7 turnout with the ability to go into their stalls at any time. I clean the barn and corrals every day. I put the manure on a trailer that is taken every week to a farm down the road. The farm uses the manure on their fields that grow vegetables.
—Guest Donna Mc

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