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Readers Respond: Readers' Tips for Eco-Friendly Manure Management

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Share your environmentally friendly tips for managing manure and manure piles. What are your tips for reducing or re-using horse manure? Share Your Tips

Manure management

I normally stock pile my horse manure to let it cure/season, then move it to my garden spot in the spring before tilling another in late fall when I turn it under for the winter. I know folks will think I'm crazy, but I have even bagged (dry seasoned) horse manure in left over feed bags. My mom always took the to the city for her flower garden about an hour away. Several visiting friend from town also appreciated taking it homeand I didn't have to load in a truck and deliver it. Just another way to reuse those feed bags. I currently have several bags filled with kinlin from cut offs while building a barn. Great for the wood stove and camping.
—Guest Sonny

Compost It

We compost all manure and use it to fortify our soil. And we use it everywhere: veggie garden, flower beds, lawn, around fruit trees. I even mix it into potting soil for my potted plants. We never buy chemical fertilizers and our plants look great!

Eco-friendly Manure Management

I have 4 horses that I keep at my home. They have 24 7 turnout with the ability to go into their stalls at any time. I clean the barn and corrals every day. I put the manure on a trailer that is taken every week to a farm down the road. The farm uses the manure on their fields that grow vegetables.
—Guest Donna Mc

Share Your Tips

Readers' Tips for Eco-Friendly Manure Management

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