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Readers Respond: How do You Use Binder Twine?

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Kid's Crafts

My kids braid it into jump ropes, tie water bottles to their bikes, and even made a dog leash. They've learned to be creative and use their imaginations.

Binder twine

Bailing twine is great for cleaning buckets. Wad it up and use it for a scrubber to clean your water buckets. Gail
—Guest Gail

binder twine

braid it into rugs for the porch and barn lasts for several years.
—Guest tired horse

lead ropes from hay strings

I 4-strand round braid several strands of hay string to make lead ropes and gate ties. They last for years, and the multi-strand ropes soon get as smooth as any other rope. The more you use it the better (and softer) it becomes.
—Guest katenmkate

baler twine

baler twine is great for tying gates shut. When it wears out, guess you could probably find a new one somewhere handy!
—Guest pugsy

no title

Wrap piece of binder twine around a 4" x 4" post for a cat scratching post.

Uses for Twine

I actually use it braided together and put a rope across our barn entrances. I won't care if they break from a run away horse or get all gross cause I can make another one. It does slow the running horses if made properly. Has stopped a couple from going through since it looks solid. Doesn't stop them all though.
—Guest Bailey_j

lead ropes

We have a rope maker, (yes, the old fashioned kind) and I use baler twine to twist(no braiding) into lead ropes. Works well, and though the ropes are scratchy, they are my favorites.

Baler Twine

I think it's really useful for use as a temporary filet string if an old one breaks.
—Guest horselovingperson

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How do You Use Binder Twine?

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