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Readers Respond: How do You Use Binder Twine?

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Wrap piece of binder twine around a 4" x 4" post for a cat scratching post.

Uses for Twine

I actually use it braided together and put a rope across our barn entrances. I won't care if they break from a run away horse or get all gross cause I can make another one. It does slow the running horses if made properly. Has stopped a couple from going through since it looks solid. Doesn't stop them all though.
—Guest Bailey_j

lead ropes

We have a rope maker, (yes, the old fashioned kind) and I use baler twine to twist(no braiding) into lead ropes. Works well, and though the ropes are scratchy, they are my favorites.

Baler Twine

I think it's really useful for use as a temporary filet string if an old one breaks.
—Guest horselovingperson

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