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Readers Respond: How do You Use Binder Twine?

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I have used binder-twin to lead and restrain deer-dogs when makeing a "deer-drive. you can hold the dogs back and run with them up the mountain untill you get 'winded', usually you can hear your own heart pounding in your ears by this time. Then you simply take your hunting knive and cut the 'binder-twine and let the dogs run after the deer, while you wait to get a shot at the deer.
—Guest dewey6

Baler Twine

I use a piece of twine to wrap around the metal slide on the back of the horse trailer this way it can't bounce open going down bumpy roads.
—Guest LynnMurray100


I have sheep and most of the time I buy halters but I now have lambs and need to start training them they are so tiny no halter I have will fit them so I made my own. They are so easy to make and if you wrap some duct tape around the rough parts it is soft. Baler twine is also used on my farm to hold together the barn.
—Guest sheepcrazy

baler twine

I stuff feed bags with it to fill openings along my roof line for the winter than pull them out in the summer for better ventiliation. I also use bags stuffed with baler twine to fill in washouts in my pasture driveway.
—Guest lazy farmer

Baling twine

I use baling twine to help stake up tomato plants in the garden.
—Guest Shanna

Baler Twine

A friend of mine uses her to make hay nets! They work wonderfully.
—Guest Boss_MareGA

bean assist

We always hung it from a cable strung 0ver a row of pole beans. The bean plants climb up and picking the beans was much easier.
—Guest Gardenman

Christmas wreath, belt, etc.

I actually used twine as a belt once. I also use it to tie many things together at the farm. I made a Christmas wreath last year using baling twine to tie it together.
—Guest Kaitlin

Gate fixn'

I Use it to tighten the support cabels on my gates so when they start to drag the ground I make a loop over the cable and through a rung on the gate. Then lift upthe gate to the height you want it and tie the twine tight around so it reduces the slack on the cable
—Guest Daltonperkins

Saved some sunflowers for me

I have sunflowers that are taller than people, and the b-twine helped me keep them standing tall in a heavy wind, which would have broken them. http://tinyurl.com/yabv7qx
—Guest tudacee

binder twine

Like duct tape it is an essential part of your tack box . fixing fences, saddle , bridles any broken tack or chin straps. make great leads if your in a hurry. I always carry a good supply out on the trail. It marks trails well. You can braid it for lots of things. You can even make tow ropes out of it. Dog leads etc as you can braid in the clips and they don't come out. Between the two Duct tape and twine U can harness the world. Ha ha.
—Guest shari

Hay bale puller

I have my hay stored on the end of the barn up in a hay loft. I only keep one bale down at the stalls at a time so I was spending along of time going up and down the hay loft ladder. So I lined the hayloft edge with hay bales laying on the side and tied half of a baling twine to it so all I have to do is pull it down when needed. Now I can use 6 bales before I have to climb back up the ladder. LOVE IT!


I use it in the garden as plant and flower support ties and young trees too.
—Guest Keeta

binder twine

we use ours for campfire starters. not the plastic ones of course.
—Guest deni

Throttle cable

Instant repair to a dumper truck throttle cable. Superb.
—Guest J Burdfield

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How do You Use Binder Twine?

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