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Readers Respond: Readers Offer Tips to Avoid Saddle Soreness

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From the article: Avoiding Saddle Soreness
Whether you've just started riding or have logged 100s of hours or miles, it can sometimes be a challenge to avoid various types of saddle soreness. Readers share their tips for avoiding rubbing, bruising, sore muscles and chaffing that can cause saddle soreness. Share your tips. Share Your Tips

saddle sores

There is a new riding underwear out that actually works. Its padded across sit bones and made of a moisture wicking fabric. The fit is close to the body so no rubbing occurs. Its been tried and tested and works great!! Check out britchesshop.com
—Guest tiffany Castaneda

no more chaffing

I tried the creams, then resorted reluctatly to the panyhose, and they are perfect, just get te cheap as chips 15 den natural, then if you do need to expose yourself, it's not obvious you are wearing them (as a bloke, some people find it odd) but if you can ride all day with no painful results.
—Guest rick

Western Tiips

I do a lot of western lessons, and two things that help me and my students stay comfy in the saddle longer are easy fixes. We use a memory foam seat cover for any riders seated in hard saddles, they are slim and comfy, and save on seat bones, tailbones, and chafing! We also use a special angled aluminum stirrup for most adult riders, which reduces knee strain and hip soreness. Both can be found and are helpful for english riders too! And baby powder can truly be your freind on hot days for chafing and heat rash. Happy trails!
—Guest sam


Long Riders' Gear sells undergarments designed for riders. Check them out on the web.
—Guest Lynda


I found relief by buying a custom Tucker saddle. They offer the "Ergo seat" which is their well padded seat with a channel cut in the foam and then covered as normal with smooth leather. This eliminated chaffing from the large "knob" of jean seam which lands just at my "Private parts". It's wonderful! I have no interest in Tucker company, just a very satisfied customer.
—Guest Chris Denno

Girls just want to have pain-free fun!

Thanks for bringing up this "touchy" (tongue-in-cheek) message. There is nothing quite as miserable as chaffing in areas of the body where you do not want chaffing. As a western trail rider, I love wearing jeans, but hate the discomfort they bring on long trail rides--particularly if the ride is done at a walk (how long can YOU stand in the stirrups :-). The solution for me has been to use a decently padded panty liner that creates a barrier between jean seams and your body. Just wanted to pass the tip along. Thanks again for all your great "About" articles.

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Readers Offer Tips to Avoid Saddle Soreness

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