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Readers Respond: You know you're a horse person when...

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There's a saddle in your living room. There's oats on the floor of the shower. You'd rather muck out a stall than clean house. You know you're a horse person when... Finish the Sentence...

Horsey people

When you always take an extra mint from stores for your horse, ask a friend to pull the hay out of your hair, have slime on your pants, and always talk to your best friend about yesterday's ride during school.
—Guest Luv my Rio

This becomes your daily routine

Scene: breakfast table Me: Can you pass me the butter? Mom: Here you go. Me: Can I get a horse? Mom: Not today. Me: Tomorrow? Mom: Maybe tomorrow. Repeat.
—Guest Carla's Girl


When even though you don't have a horse, you have all of the grooming stuff and mucking out stuff!!!

Horse Mad

You know you're a horse person when you even drive yourself mad talking about horses!
—Guest horse crazy

Always Thinking

When all day you can't stop thinking about horses!
—Guest mb

you know you're a horse person when ...

you ask your bff for money to but a horse and you have been looking at horses online for 7 months and you've ben planning it while sitting on the monkey bars ad at lunch and recess at school for ages then you're a horse person
—Guest 55665sda

horse brain

You tell your car to "whoooaaaa" when the light turns red without even thinking about it
—Guest equine love

you know you are an equestrian when

your only form of transpertation is through your horse, and you ride from country to country on your horse without even a sleepping bag. I love horses!
—Guest numba1rider

getting his attention

you make sure your horse notice you when you calling for him from the top of a three acre pasture.
—Guest kaye


There is hay and wood shavings on your 'non barn' clothes, and you use horse blankets for the blankets on your own bed
—Guest Chesnut clothes

when you smell of mints...

If I smell of peppermints I have been feeding my horse treats, if I smell of shampoo, I gave my horse a bath, if I smell of manure, i tripped. :)
—Guest neigh

You know you love horses when...

one thing is constantly on your mind...and that thing is HORSES!
—Guest z morrow


You kow you are a horse persn when your horse gets new shoes more often than you do
—Guest Carole


You know you are Horse Crazy when you cry your head off when your not around a Horse. Totally me!!!
—Guest Horse in Love


You know you love horse, when you were little you wore a riding hat when u rode your bike and found a stick and pretented it was a whip and when you went over bumps you did jumping position and said good boy x Family has gotten used to you identifying the breed of practically every horse on TV or in movies. You can't go past a horse without nickering...and they answer you back. Your laptop has drool on it after looking at photos of horses. You find yourself drawing horses nearly every time you have a pencil in your hand. But mostly, you can't help but smile every time you think of horses.all your love is given to the horses, you dream about horses, you read about horses, you love to ride horses, you have horse jewelery, watch movies about horses, would rather muck out a stall than clean out a bedroom, don't mind being around a very muddy horse, |Simply love horses because of their beauty, grace and freedom.xx

Finish the Sentence...

You know you're a horse person when...

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