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Readers Respond: You know you're a horse person when...

Responses: 146


There's a saddle in your living room. There's oats on the floor of the shower. You'd rather muck out a stall than clean house. You know you're a horse person when...

You know you are a horse person when...

you accidently refer to your feet as hooves. You whinny, neigh and snort in public. You gallop, canter and trot everywhere!
—Guest soph

You know you love horses when....

You get a boost of energy just by thinking about them, and you can feel the indescribably beautiful and unique bond with a horse.
—Guest HorseGoddess

You Know You're a Horse Person When

You know you're a horse person when... you take the term 'hold your horses' literally, and your horse is living proof!
—Guest M

you know your a horse person when..

You realize that just the smell of their breath, the feel of their coats, and the sounds of them munching are some of the most important things and riding becomes a bonus.
—Guest iceeaussies

You know when

~You notice your horse is sick and you panick and make sure he's comfortable~. ~You doodle horses on your test papers~. ~You always wanna be with your horse~. ~when you're at the dinner table,and you just start talking about riding and horses out of the blue~. ~when you spend spare time walks looking on tips for that perfect barrel turn or gettin your two-point perfect~. ~Tack is your favorite thing to shop for~. ~Yoi have a halter,bridle,and saddle pad inside waiting to be fitted for that perfect horse~. ~You have horse pictures and trinkets all over the place~
—Guest Cheyenne_my_mare

you know you love horses when

you see a horse you fant you feel like you just die and whent to horse heaven or you would ask your mom if you can have a horse in the grage
—Guest horse lover

you know you love horses when

Somone say there have a horse you srcam you have a horse what kind what's his name what color Or when you act like one Or you try to jump jumps but you fall
—Guest horse lover

you know you love horses when

You dream about a horse You run like a horse You have every thing horses even books
—Guest horse lover

You Kno Yhu Luv horses When

WHen you smell horse poop it doenst bother you or when you ride your bike you think it is a horse
—Guest HorseMaster13

You know you're a horse person when...

you'd rather have the smell of saddle soap as an air freshner!
—Guest horszoo

want ne

you really want one you would give up anything for a horse
—Guest em

Horse Treats

There is no money in your pockets, but you do have horse treats in there!
—Guest Rebecca


You know you are a horse person when you haven't ridden for awhile... you get on, you feel your butt in the saddle, your feet in the stirrups, your hand on the reins and... it feels like HOME.
—Guest Misty Thurman

You know You're a horse person when...

You see a person limping and your 1st reaction is OMG they are lame

You know your a horse person when...

You say " Damn look at that Butt!!!" and you mean the horse not the rider

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