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Share Your Story: Horse Rescue Stories

By suzyq75762


Tuffy, being his gorgeous self


One very happy kid, grooming our horse.

About my rescued horse

I decided to take up horseback riding when my youngest son passed away nearly a year ago. I found the experience so therapeutic that I wanted a horse of my own. So my quest to find "my" horse began. With great advice from my instructor, I started looking for a horse to buy,only to be let down many times. Being a new rider I was looking for a horse that was "bombproof"

It seemed the calmer the horse, the more it cost. I wasn't looking for a show horse, just one to love, take care of and trail ride.

How I Did It:

On the advice of a friend whose sister takes in rescue horses in Fl. I thought I'd give it a try here in Ma. I first contacted a equine rescue who didn't have exactly what I was looking for. They kept me mind though and contacted other people who rescued horses. One person knew of a horse that had been working as a therapeutic horse for many years and was being offered free. She matched me with my Tuffy, and gave me a call. My husband,my niece, and I drove 3 hours to see him. All the way there I could only hope that we would be a match. He was more then I expected, he was "the" one and I knew it as soon as I saw him. The women put a saddle on him and rode him out of his corral. I watched her put him through his moves, he is a beautiful , 18 yr old morgan. He had beed shown at some point in his life as he knew how to park out and cantor wonderfully. Best of all he knew to take it easy when I got in the saddle. We set a date to come back and pick him up. My instructor let us borrow her trailer and the next week we brought Tuffy home.My daughter, son in law, and 6 yr old grandson came with us. Home is the stables of my instructor who lives 10 mintues from me. Although we have the space on our 4 acre's, I am still a novice and I'm learning more about horse care each day. When I am ready he will move once more to "our' home. We are a family who is being helped to heal from a tragic lose with a wonderful horse. Tuffy isn't a rescue horse, he is the horse that rescued us.


  • Remember when looking for a rescue horse that it may take awhile to find the right match. Also consider older horses or ones with a "small" health issues. Tuffy had an old abscess in his hoof that needed to be taken care of. Most rescues are free or have a transporting fee. Remember to make a donation to the farm that you get your horse from. These people aren't doing this for the money, they do it for the love of the animal.
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