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Reader Submissions: Horse Selling and Buying Scams - Your Stories


We’ve all heard the axiom ‘buyer beware’. But on the internet ‘seller beware’ is equally applicable. If you’ve tried to buy or sell a horse online, there is a good chance you’ve been contacted by a scammer who will deliver big promises but little else. Most commonly, you’ll be offered a price far above that which you set, and told you may have a percentage if you’ll cash the check and forward the balance to another person or organization. Often they’ll be written in very poor English, or they will be unusually ‘chatty’ in an effort to make you feel comfortable and draw you in.

Don't Just Deposit Money-Grams for Horse Items

BEWARE! ONLINE TACK‐BUYING SCAMThe following is a report from someone who had posteda saddle for sale on a website and discovered a scam: “I was contacted by email by someone wanting to b…More

Dealer Keeps Lights Low to Hide Horse's Injury

He told me I was missing out on a great deal, and tried to convince me that the horse would heal up just fine. He was reluctant to let me call my vet to look at the horse, and was not happy I had con…More

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