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ThreeRingCircus and Kelli

Share Your Story: Life With Thoroughbreds

By Kelli

ThreeRingCircus and Kelli

A quick break during a ride.

Your Horse's Name, Age and Bloodline

ThreeRingCircus, Sirko

by Twin Halo out of Dancing Circus

Foaled in 2003

How Long Have You Owned & Where Did You Get Your Horse?

I bought my horse a mere 4 months ago. He had been a race horse, but was off the track for 4 years when I got him. The lady who I bought him from trained and wokred with him a ton while she had him. Unfortunatly for her, she had to resume school and would not have time to ride him, her show pony, and train her young Hanovarian. While looking for a horse, I also rode many other Thoroughbreds. I almost bought a different one, but I decided he was too showy for me.


  • Pro: Affectionate
  • Con: High Spirited
  • Pro: Athletic
  • Con: Hard to keep weight on
  • Pro: Good height range, anyone who is experienced enough can ride them (regardless of height)
  • Pro: Amazing to ride (if you have enough experience)

What Is the Best Characteristic of This Breed?

They are very affenctionate horses. They loved to be taken care of just as much as they love to run around or be ridden.

Is There a Challenging Aspect of Owning This Breed?

They tend to be a high spirited breed, and need exercise every day. If you don't have at least 20 minutes to spend exercising them every day, I wouldn't suggest this breed to you. If not worked, they become hard to handle until they are back into regular work.

Do You find This Breed Requires Any Special Care?

Thoroughbreds are quite difficult to keep weight on. High fat diets usually do the trick, but you have to keep an eye on them (the horse's(s') weight(s))

In a nutshell my horse is...

An amazing ride, gentle, smart, silly and affentionate. Half the time he drives me crazy, but the other half I adore him. If you are an experienced rider looking for a horse, I would highly reccomend considdering a Thoroughbred.

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