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Review your riding helmet. Indicate how old it is (anything older than five years should be replaced). Comment on how it fits, how comfortable it is, what its ventilation is like and how it looks. Is the chin strap hard to do up, or did the color fade quickly? Is it easy to clean? Add anything you think might be helpful to someone choosing a riding helmet.

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What is the manufacturers name and what model is your helmet. Not sure? Submit a photo.
Is it comfortable to wear, have good ventilation, have an easy to use harness system or features like pony tail ports?
Does it still look like new, or is it faded and worn looking? Are you happy with the way it looks?
Comment on the fit of your helmet, your head shape or anything else that may affect fit.
Please describe the item's pros and cons. Provide specific information about why you would or would not recommend it to others.

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