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Pyranha Aerosol Spray Review

Reader Reviews: Horse Fly Spray Reviews

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By kym

Pyranha Aerosol Spray Review

He loves the water!

Date of purchase: 


When and How Do You Use Fly Spray? 

I usually only use fly spray when absolutely necessary and here in CO I usually start in about the middle of June and use it until about the end of August. I use the Pyranha in the yellow and black aerosol can. We have horse flies,deer flies,regular flies. This works great on mosquitoes too!

How Effective is the Fly Spray? 

I think it works really well for the different flies in our area.Especially the deer flies! It does seem to make my horse a little shinier but this isn't what I buy it for.

Any Negatives To Using This Fly Spray? 

I would like to buy it in the refill or spray bottle however, although they sell it this way, the ingredients are different along with the % and it doesn't work as well as the aerosol. It doesn't leave oil spots like other sprays do. Most horses aren't used to aerosol cans, but mine doesn't mind.

My Review 

I think Pyranha aerosol is a great product! I usually alternate sprays each year or ask around on what others are using and what works for that year, but I have been using this for almost 3 years now and it works just as well now as before. I like that it doesn't put big oil spots on my horse and it doesn't attract dirt like other products do. It's more difficult to use in the wind, and sometimes the button leaks when pressed(especially when held upside-down)

and I never seem to get ALL of the product out. Overall,this is the best product hands down for my area.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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