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Horses: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
8 Things You Never Knew About Horses Age and...
What is the average lifespan of a horse? Learn how long horses can live, the average lifespan, what they can do at any age, how determine horse age, how to look after an old horse and what the age of the oldest horse is.
Parts of the Horse Quiz - Do You Know the Parts...
Do you know the points of the horse? Take this quiz and identify each part of the horse. This quiz will help you learn the parts of the horse while you have fun. Parts of the horse quiz.
What Does it Cost to Care for a Horse, Anyway?
How much does it cost to care for your horse? Find out the basic costs of horse care. Learn the basic minimum costs of keeping a horse or pony at home or in a boarding facility. Find out how much it costs to feed and care for a horse on a yearly or daily basis.
Ever Wonder How Long Horses Live?
How long do horses live? Much longer than you probably thought. Learn how long horses live and how long they can still lead comfortable, productive lives.
Test Your Knowledge of Horse Words With...
Test your knowledge of horse terms with the Horse Terms quiz. Do you know the meaning of these horse terms? Take the Horse Term Quiz and test your horse vocabulary.
How to Compare Your Age to Your Horse's Age
How old are you in horse years? How old is your horse in human years. Here is a comparison of horse to human age with approximate stages of life.
What to Do When You've Found the Perfect...
Have you found the perfect pony for your child? Here's the next step to ensure you have found the right pony to buy.
Don't Make These 10 Most Common Horse and Pony...
What should you not do when buying your first horse? Here's a list of the top mistakes beginners make when they set out to buy their first horse.
7 Things All Horses Love to Eat
Learn about what horses eat. Find out what a horse's natural foods are, what they should and should not eat, and how to feed horses.
How Much Can It Cost to Buy a Horse?
Many things affect the price of horses when you are buying. Here's what you can expect to pay for your first horse, and the things that affect the cost of horses.
Learn The Basic Equipment You'll Need To Care...
Learn what basic equipment and gear you will need to have on hand to care for, handle, and ride or drive your first horses or ponies. This basic checklist will help you get organized for your first horse.
English or Western-Which is the Best Riding...
Learn the difference between Western and English Riding styles. Discover the types of equipment, horses, and clothing used in English and Western riding styles and the different sports available to English and Western riders.
How Do Horses Sleep, Anyway?
Learn how long and how horses sleep at various stages in their lives. This article describes how a horse sleeps, and how long a horse sleeps each day, what affects sleep, how horses sleep standing up, and why they only spend short amounts of time lying down.
The 8 Essential Manners Every Horse Should Have
Learn the eight behaviors and ground manners your horse or pony should know whether you plan to drive, ride or keep him as pasture decoration. These eight ground will make your horse more mannerly, safer and more fun to own.
Take the Horse Ownership Readiness Quiz
Take this quiz to learn if you are ready to take care of a horse, donkey, mule or pony. This quiz is one of many quizzes on the About Horses website. Learn and have fun with About Horses interactive horse quizzes.
Design a Safe, Comfortable Stable For Your Horse
If you are building a horse stable, there are a lot of decisions and plans to make. Here is what you should be planning for stall size, door and wall height, types of flooring, and loose box or standing stall design.
9 Things Horses Should Never Eat
Learn what foods you should not feed a horse, including some that would seem to be a part of a horse's regular diet. Here is a list of things your horse shouldn't eat and should not be part of a horse's health diet.
First Aid for Horse Eye Injuries and Infections
Learn how to identify and treat eye infections and injuries in horses. Learn first aid procedures for minor infections and injuries, how your horse's veterinarian can help and what you can do to help your horse heal quickly.
How to Measure Your Horse's Height Accurately
Learn to measure a horse's height correctly and the measurement used such as when hands, inches and centimeters.
Learn Tell a Horse's Approximate Age By Its Teeth
Learn how to tell a horse's age by its teeth. How to tell the approximate age of a horse from its teeth.
How to Choose the Correct Western Saddle
Learn to select the correct size western saddle seat to fit you, the rider. This article offers suggetions for finding the most comfortable western saddle seat and right siz for the rider. Determining the right western saddle seat size is a bit more complicated than you might imagine. In this article you'll learn what features affect saddle fit and how to determine which saddle is right for you.
Learning to Ride a Horse - Just the Facts
Learn what you need to know to ride a horse safely. You can't learn to ride from a website, book or video. The best way to learn is from a competent coach. But these articles will help you understand what you'll be learning once you're on a horse.
Horse Quiz - Take this Quiz Are You Really...
Are you really ready to own a horse? This quiz doesn't test your knowledge but your commitment. Take this quiz and see if you are really ready to own a horse.
Learn About the Danger of West Nile Virus to...
A profile of West Nile Virus or WNV. Causes, effects, prevention, symptoms and treatments are explained.
Can You Afford to Board a Horse?
How much does horse boarding cost? Here is a look at the costs involved with boarding your horse at a boarding stable. Learn the about the things that can affect the cost of horse board and types of board available.
15 Bits Mouth Pieces Every Equestrian Should Know
Learn about different types of horse bit mouth pieces. Find out what mullen mouths, French links, wire mouthpieces, chain mouths, keys, ports, spades and crickets and rollers are. Find out all about different types of horse bit mouthpieces.
How to Find Your Horse's Pedigree
If your horse has paper but the are lost, they sometimes can be recovered. Learn how to find your horse's registration papers and how to find your horse's pedigree. How to find your horse's registration papers and pedigree.
7 Special Treats Your Horse Will Love and How...
Learn how to safely feed your horse or pony treats. Tips on what you can safely feed your horse as treats.
The Basics of Horse Care - 7 Things to Know...
Learn about basic horse care. All about the basics of horse care. Learn how to feed, house, and care for your horse or pony. Discover how feeding ponies differs from feeding a horse, what good health looks like and when to call the vet. Learn to groom, stable, and care for your horse's or pony's hoof safely with these tips and articles.
What Type of Bit is Right for Your Horse?
How to choose a bit for your horse. Here is advice for choosing the right bit to control your horse. Tips for deciding what bit to use.
Choosing Clothes for Horseback Riding
Learn what you need to wear to ride horseback comfortably and safely. Tips for horse riding apparel. Clothing recommendations for first time riders.
Safety First: 11 Tips for Working with Horses...
Learn how to stay safe around horses. These tips can help you safely work with your horses while you feed, groom and care for your horse. Safe handling prevents accidents and makes horses owning more fun.
Find Your Dream Job In the Horse Industry
If you love horses you may be considering a career in the horse industry. Here is a list of jobs with horses and supporting the horse industry.
Learn The Absolute Basics of Horse Care
Learn about basic horse care, food, shelter, costs, necessary equipment, alternatives to ownership and the time it takes to care for your first horse or pony. Your questions about basic horse care answered.
How Build a Safe Round Pen on an Extreme Budget
Learn how you can build a safe sturdy round pen even if you are on a budget. Calculate size, costs and materials with advice from Elizabeth Landers author of Building a Round Pen - The Complete Step by Step Guide Custom Plans, Layouts, Material Lists and Options.
Do Unicorns Really Exist?
Are unicorns real? They play a big part in myth and legend, but was there at any time real unicorns? Here's what I've learned about the existence of unicorns.
9 Name Generators That Can Help Name Your Horse
Use these horse name generators to name your horse. Create new horse names with these generators. These random name generators can help you choose a name for your horse.
Eight Tips to Convince Your Parents You Are...
How to prove to your parents that you should have a horse. Tips and ideas for convincing your parents you are ready to own a horse. I want a horse, how do I ask my parents?
What are the Best Breeds for First Time Horse...
What is the best breed for a beginner rider? Learn tips for buying the best breed for your first horse. Here are recommendations so you can make the right choice for you.
Your A to Z Guide for Basic Horse Care
Learn how to tie a quick release knot to safely tie your horse or pony. Learn to start the knot.
Post the Trot for a More Comfortable Horseback...
These step by step instructions help you learn how to post while trotting on a horse. Learn how to post the trot with this pictorial.
Meet The World's Most Popular Breed - The...
Learn about the American Quarter Horse, North America's most popular breed: its body type, history and origin, uses, unique traits, colors, and markings.
Is Your Mare Pregnant? Myths and Facts about...
Are you wondering if your mare is pregnant? Here's the best way to determine if your mare is going to have a foal, and why it's very important to find out early. Learn if your mare is pregnant to give her the best mare care to raise a healthy foal.
Fly Spray Recipes for Horses
Find fly spray recipes for horses using common household ingredients and natural essential oils, as well as products and ingredients you should not use to repel flies on your horses.
Sitting (Correctly) in a Saddle Isn't as Easy...
Learn how to find the proper position to ride horseback. Basic instructions describe the correct seat for riding in an English or Western saddle.
Do You Have an OTTB? Find Out Here
The meaning of OTTB when used in discussing horses or ponies.
Learn How to Find the Right Sized Bit For Your...
How to choose a bit of the right size for your horse. Here is advice for finding a bit that fits your horse. Tips for deciding what size bit to use.
Is Your Horse Drooling? This Could Be Why -...
Learn about Slobbers or Slaframine Poisoning in Horses in horse and why horses get Slobbers or Slaframine Poisoning in Horses and what to do it your horse does get it.
Design a Safe and Snug Run-In Shelter for Your...
These tips will help you design a run-in shed, loafing shed, or shelter for your horse. Read these recommendations about where to place your shelter, what the dimensions should be, and other considerations for run-in sheds and shelters for horses and ponies.
Don't Be Run Away With! How to Control a Strong...
Learn how to deal with a horse that is strong and retrain for greater obdience. Learn why horses are strong and pull or are inclined to bolt or runaway. Find help to control your strong horse without resorting to severe bits.
Facts About Horses
Check out these fun and interesting horse facts. Learn facts about horses evolution, sleeping and eating habits, horse hooves and other horse and foal facts.
Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
There is a lot to remember when you first start learning to ride. There are some common mistakes that new riders often make. Here's how to avoid those mistakes as you learn to ride.
What Every Horse Owner Should Know About EPM
A profile of EPM or Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis in horses. Causes, effects, prevention, symptoms and treatments of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis or EPM are explained. EPM in horses.
Ringworm in Horses
Learn about what ringworm on horses looks like, and the causes, effects, prevention, symptoms and treatments of ringworm equine dermatitis. Learn about ringworm skin rash in horses. Learn why a horse/'s hair may fall out in round patches.
How to Lead Your Horse or Pony
How to lead your horse or pony safely. Learn how to cue your horse or pony to walk quietly beside you.
Meet the World's Oldest Breed - The Arabian Horse
A profile of the beautiful and versatile Arabian Horse. Learn about the characteristics, history and celebrities of the Arabian Horse breed.
Riding Boots: What to Wear, and What to Steer...
Learn how to choose safe boots for riding horseback. English, western or anything in between, choose the best boots to wear while riding a horse.
Here's Why Your Horse is Tossing Its Head When...
Does your horse or pony toss its head while you ride? Find out why your horse bobs, shakes, throws or tosses its head while you ride and how you can prevent it.
Learn How Much Will It Cost to Buy Your Child a...
Frequently asked questions about buying your child's first pony. How much will a pony cost? Tips and recommendations for choosing the perfect pony for your child.
Why Horses Chew Wood
Learn why horses chew wood like fences and trees and how to prevent the problem. Here are solutions to the problem of wood chewing.
The 7 Most Common Hind Leg Problems in Horses
Learn about hind leg problems like bog and bone spavins, curbs, stringhalt and stifle problems. Learn what causes hind leg problems in horses and what you can do to help your horse.
Horse Skin Problems - Rashes, Bumps and Bald...
Find information about various skin problems, irritations and rashes on horses. Learn about ringworm, lice, mange, rain scald and other skin conditions on horses.
Should Your Horse Wear a Winter Blanket When...
Should your horse wear a winter blanket when the cold weather comes? There are the pros and cons to putting a turn-out rug or winter blanket on your horse when colder weather hits. Find out if your horse needs a blanket and how to blanket safely.
Take the Horse Safety Quiz
Horse and Pony Safety Quiz Find Out if You Know How to Stay Safe Horses can be a lot of fun, but our
10 Essential Items You Will Need For a Horse...
Find out what should go into a horse first aid kit. Be ready for emergencies with basic emergency veterinary supplies. Learn the items that should go in a horse first aid kit.
Why Your Horse Rears and What You Can Do About It
What do you do about a horse that rears? Can a beginner rider cope with a horse that rears? Here's what rearing is caused by and what to do about a horse that rears.
Catching a Hard to Catch Horse
Learn how to catch a horse that does not want to be caught.
Traditional Horse Show Prize Ribbon Colors
This article explains the colors of horse show rosettes and ribbons from different countries. Traditional colors of horse prize ribbons awarded.
Learn to Choose the Right Stirrups for...
Learn about the history of the stirrup and discover the different types of stirrups used for horseback riding. Learn about English, western, trail and other types of stirrups, as well as stirrup safety.
Just How Long Can a Horse Live?
I once received 'gift horse' who was 27 year old. That's old, right? Not if you asked her. At 27 she was still going strong. So how long do horses and ponies
Mark Your Riding Arena With Letters
Learn how to mark small and standard dressage arenas with measurements and placement of letters. Learn the dimensions of a dressage ring and how to place the letters around the outside and learn how to remember the order of the letters in a dressage arena.
8 Tips That Can Help You Form A Bond With Your...
Learn ways to create a bond with your horse. Simple ways to help your horse bond with you. Bond with your horse.
What to Expect When Your Mare is Expecting
Learn the basics about equine reproduction and horse pregnancy. This article explains the basics of mating, the horse gestation period and foaling.
4 Things to Know before Feeding Your Horse Beet...
Learn about beet pulp and feeding beet pulp to horses. Learn what beet pulp is, how to feed it and if there is anything unsafe about feeding beet pulp.
Learn About Cross Country Jumping With Your Horse
An introduction to the sport of cross country jumping. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you'll learn at your first cross country jumping competition.
How To Cue Your Horse To Turn Left or Right
How to cue your horse or pony to turn using direct or plough reining. Learn to steer your horse holding a rein in each hand.
Learn About Your Horse's Hooves and How They...
Learn about the parts of a horse's hooves and their various functions. Horse's and pony's hooves have many different components and may be more intricate than they first appear. Discover the purpose of each part of the hoof.
What You Must Know about Riding on Diagonals...
Why diagonals are important while horseback riding at a posting trot, how to recognize the correct diagonal and how to easily correct wrong diagonals.
6 Essentials for Proper Horse Grooming
Step by step instructions explain how to groom your horse or pony. Find out what tools you’ll need, and how to groom for a clean, healthy, comfortable horse. Get organized with this list of basic tools.
How to Tie a Western Cinch: A Photo Guide
Learn to tie the knot as you do up a western saddle cinch. This step shows you how to start the knot on a western saddle.
Is Your Horse Itchy? It Could Be Lice
Learn to identify, treat and prevent lice on horses. Learn what lice infestations on horses looks like, and the causes, effects, prevention, symptoms and treatments of horse lice.
Mange in Horses
Learn to identify mange on horses. Learn about what mange on horses looks like, and the causes, effects, prevention, symptoms and treatments of mange, just one of several equine dermatitis problems. Learn about mange infections on horses. Learn why a horse/'s hair may fall out and what causes mange.
Definition of Gelding
What is a gelding? Geldings are preferred by many horse owners. Learn the meaning of the word gelding as used when discussing horses or ponies.
Horse Breed Quiz - Take the Interactive Horse...
Horse Breeds Quiz Take the Interactive Horse Breeds Quiz Sorry, but this quiz requires that you have
Horse Warts - Equine Viral Papillomata
Learn to identify Viral Papillomata, more commonly known as baby warts. Learn about what equine warts on horses look like, and their causes, effects, prevention, symptoms and treatments.
The Horse - History, Relatives, Lifespan,...
Learn about the horse/ What is a horse? This is a brief explanation of the horse's evolution, physiology, behavior and uses. Learn about the family and species the horse belongs to, relatives like the onager, zebra, ass and donkey, how old and big they grow and the unique characteristics of the horse. Learn all about what the horse is.
How to Identify and Treat Rain Scald on Your...
Rain rot or rain scald can affect a horse’s or pony’s back, neck and haunches. Find out how to identify, prevent and treat rain scald.
Put Your Bridle Back Together!
Page 10. Attach the bit to a bridle. A step-by-step pictorial of how to put your bridle together. Did you take apart your bridle? Here is how to put your bridle back together.
How To Teach Your Horse or Pony To Neck Rein
Whether you ride English or western it's very handy to have a horse that neck reins. With these instructions even a novice rider can teach their horse how to neck rein,
Learn Why You Should Learn to Horseback Ride
Why would anyone want to learn to ride a horse? Get answers about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of horseback riding and horse or pony ownership. Why learn to horseback ride.
13 Steps to Properly Clean a Horse Stall
Learn how to clean out your horse's stall and keep your barn clean. Use the right tools to muck out a horse or pony stable and get hints on how to do the job efficiently and how to bed a horse stall. Horse care in the stable.
What is the best age for a first horse?
Should you buy a young or older horse? Find the answers to your questions about the age of your first horse.
The Top Ten Myths About Horses You Might Still...
So many people are captivated by horses, but there are a few myths, and things people don't understand about them. Here are the top six myths and misconceptions about horses and ponies.
Choose the Best Hay for Your Horse
We're told to buy the best quality hay for our horses? But what exactly does that mean? Here are guidelines for choosing and buying the best hay for your horse.
Get a Bit That Fits: How to Measure a Horse Bit
Learn how to measure a bit so that it is comfortable for your horse and works effectively. How to measure snaffle and curb bits.
What are the signs that my horse may be aging?
Signs your horse may be aging. How to care for your older senior horse. Tips on sheltering, feeding, health and riding or work load. Learn how to care for your older horse.
Horse Care By the Day,Week, Month and Year -...
Horse care is a daily responsibility and there are many things that need to be done throughout the year to care for your horse. Here is a quick checklist of things you must do to keep your horse or pony healthy and happy, by the day, week, month, and year.
How to Treat the 5 Most Common Minor Horse...
What do you do when your horse cuts, scrapes, bruises itself or gets a puncture wound? Here's how to look after most minor wounds and explanations of when veterinary treatment might be needed. Learn first aid for horse wounds.
Have a Play Day with Your Horse! Games and...
Here are some ideas for games and activities that you can use to organize a fun day or small gymhkana. Some activities require riding and some can be done even by none riders. Learn how to adapt games for safe riding fun.
Horse Allergies - Hives, Itchiness, Coughs,...
Learn about allergic reactions in horses. Learn what causes random bumps or hives, bald and sore patches on a horse's skin.
Girth Galls and Saddle Sores
Learn about girth galls and saddle sores, how they occur, how to prevent and treat them. Learn how to identify, avoid and treat saddle and girth sores or galls.
Learn About Horses and Horse-Like Creatures of...
Meet seven mythological horses and horse like creatures including unicorns, pegasus, hippogriff and explorations of horse myths from different cultures.
How Old is the Oldest Horse
How old are the oldest horses? Here are the ages of some of the oldest horses in the world, and belonging to About.com readers. Find out the age of the oldest horses.
Basic Tips for How to Lunge Your Horse...
Learn how to lunge a horse safely and effectively. Learn what you'll need to lunge a horse, what the benefits of lunging are and safety tips for beginners.
How to Put a Bridle on a Horse
Step three of bridling a horse. This is a step-by-step pictorial of how to bridle your horse. Step three shows how to put the bit in the horse's mouth.
Diarrhea in Horses
Diarrhea in horses may be a symptom of a more serious problem. Learn what causes diarrhea in horses and what you should if your horse has diarrhea.
Your Guide to Feeding Your Pony the Right Way
Learn how to feed your pony to avoid health problems like founder and obesity while still providing good nutrition. Learn what type of pastures, hays, grains and other supplements are good for feeding ponies.
How to Tie Your Horse or Pony Safely
Learn how to tie a horse safely. Learn how to ensure the saftey of horse and handler when tying to posts, in cross ties, in trailers, at shows, and in the stable.
Plants Toxic to Horses and Ponies - Deadly...
This gallery shows pictures of common plants that are toxic to horses. Identify weeds and garden plants that are poisonous to ponies and horses. Learn which weeds growing in pastures may be toxic to your horse or pony. This photo is of black or deadly nightshade.
Horse Quiz - Curb or Snaffle Bit Horse Quiz
Can you tell a snaffle bit from a curb bit? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about curb and snaffle bits. This quiz is one of many horse quizzes on the About Horses website. Learn and have fun with About Horses interactive horse quizzes.
Treating and Preventing Cracks in Your Horse's...
Cracked and chipped hooves may be common, but that doesn't mean you can ignore them. Learn about hoof cracks and chipped hooves, why hooves become damaged, and how to help a horse with cracked or chipped hooves.
How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Horse
Are you looking for the perfect name for your new horse? Here are tons of great ideas for horse name. find links, lists and ideas for finding the perfect name for your horse, pony, donkey or mule. Name for your new colt, filly, or create a stable name for your new horse.
The Meaning of 10 Popular Horse Quotes
There are many well known horse quotations. Here are some of the most common horses quotations and how they may have originated. Learn the stories behind some of the most famous horse quotations about horse care, riding, training, myth and legend.
How to Get Started Riding Dressage with Your...
An introduction to the sport of dressage. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you'll learn at your first dressage test. Find out how beginning dressage can benefit riders and horses of any discipline.
FAQs for Feeding Hay: 9 Questions Answered
Learn how to choose good horse hay, why hay is important, how to store and feed hay to your horse or pony. A horse care FAQ about feeding hay to horses.
Learn to Make a Rope Halter
Rope halters are a great DIY project that anyone can master and customize to their own needs. Here is what you need to know to make your own rope halter. Customized rope halters make great gifts and many people use rope halters as training aids. Here's how to learn to make your own.
10 Things You Didn't Know About Horse Manure
Horse manure may be a distasteful subject to most people, but horse owners know a lot can be learned from poop! Here are facts about manure that may interest even those who will never shovel a stall.
What type of food does a horse need?
Learn the basic feed and nutritional needs of horses and ponies, donkeys, and mules.
How Snaffle Bits Work
Learn about how the snaffle bit works and how your horse understands the signals from the rein aids when using a snaffle bit. Here are the basics of how the various snaffle bits work.
How to Clean Your Leather Saddle
Step by step instructions show you how to clean your leather saddle. Learn how to care for your leather horse riding saddle.
7 Reasons Your Horse Might Be Losing Weight
Learn why horses lose weight, or are difficult to keep in good condition and what you can do to help. Learn the various reasons a horse may lose weight or may not gain weight. Learn what factors contribute to weight loss and what you can feed your horse and check to make sure it stays in healthy condition.
The Beginner's Guide to Saddling a Horse
Learning to saddle a horse properly is essential for comfort and safety. Learn how to saddle your horse with an English or Western saddle with this step-by-step tutorial.
Can a horse get all of its nutrition just...
Learn if horses and ponies can get adequate nutrition by only eating grass in a pasture.
What are the basic needs of a horse?
Find out the minimum basic needs of horses, donkeys, ponies, and mules.
Learn How to Sit the Trot Like a Pro
Learn to sit the trot with these helpful tips from About Horses and Ponies readers. Riders and instructors offer advice to help you smooth out your sitting trot while horseback riding.
What Can I Train a Foal?
What can you do with a foal? What training and handling can you do with a colt or filly? Here's an overview of what you can train your foal to do and behavior you can expect.
Barrel Racing Basics: How to Run a Race
Learn how to run a barrel race. Barrel races are a common gymkhana or play day game, besides being a very competitive rodeo event. Learn how to run the barrels effectively and safely. Find tips and learn the pattern.
What do You Do When Your Horse Misbehaves When...
What do you do when your horse behaves badly when you ride it alone out on the trail or alone in the arena. Forum hosts offer suggestions on how to teach your horse to be less anxious when ridden by itself.
Effective Ways to Prevent and Treat Grease Heel...
Grease heel can be common during damp times of the year. It's rarely serious unless you ignore it early on. Grease heel is also called greasy heel, scratches or mud fever. Find out how to identify and treat grease heel on horses' legs.
Fit for Success: Exercises to Improve Your...
Get fit for horseback riding! A fit rider is easier for a horse to carry and you'll be more comfortable too. Learn more about why fitness is important for horseback riders and find exercises to benefit your horseback riding.
Training Your Horse
Learn about training your horse; from common training problems to what your horse should know. Learn what you'll need to know before starting to train your horse.
Most Popular Horse Breeds According to...
Learn about the ten most popular horse breeds and types as voted on by About.com Horses readers.
7 Horse Height, Weight and Breed Size Records
Learn about the tallest and smallest of the horse world! Find out the smallest and largest breeds, world record holders for tall and tiny and biggest and smallest types of horses and ponies.
8 Ideas for Decorating Your Horse for a Costume...
Here are some fun and safe ideas for decorating a horse for parades and costume classes. Learn how to use paint and stencils, or other safe non-toxic color to decorate your whole horse! Learn how to safely dye manes and tails fun colors and add glitter from ears to hooves.
11 Bad Excuses Not to Wear a Helmet When You...
Top reasons not to wear a helmet while horseback riding and why they are really just poor excuses. Common complaints about riding helmets. Reasons riders give for not wearing an ASTM approved riding helmets when they ride their horses.
Introducing a New Horse to the Herd
When you bring a new horse home you need to introduce it to your herd as safely as possible. Here are tips and ideas for introducing a new horse to the herd.
What is the best kind of fence for a horse...
No type of fencing is totally safe or foolproof, but some fences are better than others. The most traditional fencing is wooden rails—either log or planks.
Plants Toxic to Horses
This gallery shows pictures of common plants that are toxic to horses. Identify weeds and garden plants that are poisonous to ponies and horses. Learn which weeds growing in pastures may be toxic to your horse or pony.
Is a Bitless Side Pull Bridle Right For You and...
This article explains the uses of side pull bridles, fitting a side pull and how side pulls work.
What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Child's...
Are you thinking of buying your child his or her first pony? Where do you buy a first pony? How much will it cost? Is your child ready for a pony? Frequently asked questions about buying your child's first pony. Tips and recommendations for choosing and buying the perfect pony for your child.
What You Can Teach Your Two or Three Year Old...
What can you do with a two or three year old horse? What training and handling can you do with a young colt or filly? Here's an overview of what you can train your two or three year old to do and behavior you can expect.
How To Take the Ouch Out of Horseback Riding
Here's what you can do to avoid painful (and sometimes embarrassing) rubbing, chaffing and bruising. Find out what causes saddle soreness for the rider.
Why Many Horses With a Broken Leg Must be...
Although we are better at mending some fractures in horses' legs, euthanasia is often the only answer. Here is why a broken leg often means the end of a horse's life, not matter how much time or money is spent in repairing it.
Stocked Up Legs in Horses
Are your horse's legs swollen after a night in spent in stall? This is called stocking up. Here's why horse's legs stock and what you can do to prevent it.
Plants Toxic to Horses - Pigweed
This gallery shows pictures of common plants that are toxic to horses. Identify weeds and garden plants that are poisonous to ponies and horses. Learn which weeds growing in pastures may be toxic to your horse or pony. Photo of pigweed. Page 8.
Feed Your Horse For Weight Gain
Learn how to feed your horse. What’s the best feed for putting weight on a horse? Learn how to help your horse gain weight and the first things to check in a horse that is in poor condition
What Can I Do With a Yearling?
What can you do with a yearling? What training and handling can you do with a yearling colt or filly? Here's an overview of what you can train your yearling to do and behavior you can expect.
5 Things You Need to Know Before Training Your...
What you'll need to know and understand before attempting to train or solve behavior or training problems with your horse or pony. Here are ideas that you can use to start training your horse or solving problems safely and sensibly.
Horses That Bite
Does your horse bit? Learn why horses bite and how to break the habit. Nipping or biting can be a bad habit. Here's what you can do to prevent your horse from biting.
Plants Toxic to Horses - Milkweed
This gallery shows pictures of common plants that are toxic to horses. Identify weeds and garden plants that are poisonous to ponies and horses. Learn which weeds growing in pastures may be toxic to your horse or pony. Photo of Milkweed. Page 7.
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