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Comparing Horse to Human Age

Horse to Human Age Comparison


Mare and foal

Foals are on their feet shortly after birth, and able to run within hours, unlike humans who will take up to eighteen months to learn to walk.

Image: K. Blocksdorf Foal looking straight on

Foals grow rapidly, much faster than humans.

Image: K. Blocksdorf

Research completed in 2003 by equine veterinarians compares the stages of human ages to horse ages. The chart below is based upon that research as published by Equine Resources International. It's important to remember that many things affect aging like basic care, size, genetics and overall health, just as in humans. This makes it very difficult to make an accurate match between horse and human age. This is only one of the several charts that try to map out horse to human age comparisons. Horse Years Methodology from WOW Horses has a table that compares human to horse development for the horse's first four years.


On the chart I've created here, under the age of one year old, there is really no comparison. A human infant may take over a year to learn to walk, but a horse will walk within an hour after birth. Human infants may start eating solid food at about six months, but foals will start imitating their mothers and nibble on grass within weeks or even days after birth. Overall, all aspects of growth are much faster for a horse than a human. And although the chart suggests that a yearling horse is equivalent to a six-year-old child, that is only very approximate as a six-year-old child won't be able to feed itself or otherwise interact socially and look after itself like a yearling horse. Nevertheless, it is fun to compare your horse's age to a human, keeping in mind that the comparisons are not 100% accurate.

Horse to Human Age Comparison

Horse Age Stage of Life Human Age Stage of Life
1 Foal, Weanling, Yearling 6.5 Infancy, Babyhood, Toddlerhood, Preschooler
2 Two Year Old 13 Adolesence/Puberty,
3 Three Year Old 18 Teenager
4 Four Year Old 20.5 Young Adult
5 Physcial Maturity 24.5 Adulthood
7   28  
10   35.5  
13 Middle Aged 43.5 Middle Aged
17   53  
20 Senior 60 Senior
24   70.5  
27   78  
30 Extreme Old Age 85.5  
33   93  
36   100.5  

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