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How to Make a Wither Tracing for Saddle Fitting


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What You'll Need to Make a Wither Tracing
How to Make a Wither Tracing for Saddle Fitting

Gather your tools.

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A wither tracing of your horse's wither and back area can help you with saddle fitting. Here's how to make a wither tracing that you can take with you to buy a saddle. While a tracing won't insure that a saddle will fit, it does help you make the first decision - is the saddle worth taking home and trying on the horse. You can take several tracings down the horse's back and match those with the saddle too. Just pay attention to how far back each tracing has been taken so you can match it to the right position on the saddle.

Wither tracings are also a good way to see if the saddle you presently own really fits, and to see differences in your horse's shoulders. As your horse gains or loses muscle or fat, the tracing will change--and that may also indicate a need to adjust the saddle's fit by adjusting the stuffing or using shims with your saddle pad.

You'll only need a few tools to make a wither tracing.

What You Need

  • Scissors

  • Cardboard from an old cereal box or a sheet of heavy bristol board.

  • Pencil or marker

  • Bendable tracing "Flex Curve" or a piece of wire that will hold its shape when you bend it. I have a Staedtler-Mars Flex Curve that I purchased at an office supply store for about $15.00. You can also use solder wire, but because this often contains lead I'd wear gloves when handling it. A straightened out wire clothes hanger can work, but I find them difficult to bend and a bit too springy.

  • Your horse's back
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