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Become a Facebook Fan on Exclusively Horses

You can find out what's new with About.com Horses by ‘liking’ the my  Fan Page. The Facebook fan page includes my latest blog posts from the Horses' site, plus frequent updates and interesting links. You’ll find quizzes, photos, and meet other like-minded horse lovers.

About.com Horses on Twitter

  1. eervation thrown in. I also like to re-tweet anything I think might be fun or interesting to my followers. I have a lot of fun with Twitter, and I hope you enjoy my tweets. Follow me on Twitter at kblocksdorf.

Other Social Networking Sites

I send my updates to Plurk, Indenti.ca, Google, and you can also find me on LinkedIn.

Networking On the About.com Horses Website

Of course you need not go anywhere else but the About.com Horses website if you wish to contact me.You may leave comments on my blog (I love it when people do), or email me with a question or comment.

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