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Book Review - The Horses of Half Moon Ranch - Wild Horses

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Horses of Half Moon Ranch - Wild Horses

Horses of Half Moon Ranch - Wild Horses

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The Bottom Line

Kristie Scott is leading a trail ride through the Meltwater Trail when disaster strikes. The other riders make it to safety, but Kristie is trapped in a canyon with a herd of mares and their injured leader. This is an easy to read book that should appeal to young horse lovers. It's filled with adventure and a taste of ranch life.
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  • Story moves along.
  • Realistic dialogue.
  • Appealing characters.


  • Some scenes depict unsafe situations.


  • Horses of Half Moon Ranch - Wild Horses
  • By Jenny Oldfield
  • Soft Cover
  • 153 pages, illustrated with line drawings.
  • Published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
  • ISBN 10:1-4022-1327-1

Guide Review - Book Review - The Horses of Half Moon Ranch - Wild Horses

This is the first book in the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series by Jenny Oldfield. Kirstie Scott and her friend Lisa Goodman are horse loving pals. They love to ride, camp and explore the rugged wilderness that surrounds Half Moon Ranch. While Kristie leads a trail ride for guests, she spots a herd of wild horses. But unexpectedly she is soon alone and trapped in a canyon with an injured wild stallion.

This is a fun book, full of adventure. Now, a lot of the situations described are dangerous. I hope no one thinks that it is wise to get close to a wild horse and bind its wounds as Kristie did. But it's the sort of thing you wish you could do and that's what makes it exciting. Jenny Oldfield does a good job of building up to the climax of the story. I read the book in one go. She gives vivid descriptions of the surroundings, and like I said in my review of Rodeo Rocky, her descriptions make me want to visit Colorado. The story is never preachy, or 'talks down' to the reader.

This book describes the background of the Scott fan=mily better then the book Rodeo Rocky, so if you want to understand how Kristie came to live at Half Moon Ranch, it's worth reading Wild Horses first. Don't read the second book first, as I did!

Wild Horses should appeal to the 9 to 14 year old group. This is the first book in a series that should keep young readers reading.

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