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Don't Shoot Me - High Visibility Wear for Horses

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Don't Shoot Me Fly Bonnet - Fly Veil Blaze Orange

Don't Shoot Me Fly Bonnet - Fly Veil Blaze Orange

Photo: 2010 K. Blocksdorf

The Bottom Line

Overall I was impressed by the Don't Shoot Me ear bonnet. I'd like to see the ears made a tad wider, but other than that I can certainly see myself using this when riding when hunters may be out.


  • Good quality materials
  • High quality workmanship-items appear to be sturdily made.
  • Vivid, almost flourscent orange is highly visible.
  • Affordable at 14.95 CDN.


  • I found the fly bonnet ears a bit tight on Trillium. They were generously long however.
  • I wasn't sure how to best attach the fly bonnet to the bridle.


  • Blaze orange (hunter, safety, international or fluorescent orange) high visibility ear bonnet/veil for horses.
  • Part of a line with items like sheets, helmet covers, saddle pads, ear bonnets, vests, caps etc....
  • One size - cob to draft.
  • Embroidered with the Don't Shoot Me logo.

Guide Review - Don't Shoot Me - High Visibility Wear for Horses

For those of us who ride in areas where there may be hunters, being seen and identifiable as a horse and rider is essential. Don't Shoot Me offers several items made in blaze orange that riders and their horses can feel safer in while out on trail or in the pasture. They sell turnout blankets, saddle pads, vests, caps, helmet covers and items for dogs as well. Don't Shoot Me sent a blaze orange ear bonnet(veil) for me to take a look at. I was impressed by the quality of the material the bonnet was made of. Many bonnets you buy are made of crocheted cotton that fades, shifts and shrinks. But Don't Shoot Me makes theirs of a sturdy synthetic that will take a lot of wear. The downside of the blaze orange is that it soils easily, but that is a grooming issue, not anything to do with the item. I wouldn't hesitate to throw this in the washing machine and hang it to dry though.

The orange color is almost florescent, very visible amongst the trees or in low light. I did find the ears a bit narrow and they fit fairly tightly around my horse's ears. They were plenty long however, and I had a laugh at Trillium's expense because it looked like she had two big carrots sticking out of her head. It took a little fiddling to fix the bonnet securely to my horse's bridle. A little guidance would have been helpful, but I did find a satisfactory configuration and the bonnet stayed in place. I love the little Don't Shoot Me logo.

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