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Colored Horses On Parade - Hair Extensions for Horses

Colored Horses On Parade - Product Review

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If you like to ride your horse in parades, costume classes or just dress up and decorate for fun you’ll know it is a challenge to find safe, but colorful ways to do this. I’ve got lots of suggestions for decorating a horse and for creating a safe costume bu you have to be careful, when using color on your horse’s mane and tail, since you don’t want to use anything that is toxic or damaging.

I have to admit, when I opened the package I received from Colored Horses On Parade mane and Tail extensions, I felt a bit like a kid again thinking about how I could dress up my doll! These are just so much fun!

Product Description

Colored Horses On Parade are colorful and fibre optic hair extensions that you can clip into your horse’s mane and tail. The extensions come in several shades of pinks, blues, reds, greens, purples, browns (including chestnut), plus blaze orange, white, blonde, black and mottled black with blue, green, pink or purple.  Light up extensions come in red, white, blue, green and rainbow. Included in my package was black, blonde and brown braids with light up sparkly strips

The long colorful extensions have a small comb at the top that you attach to your horse’s mane or tail hair. The fiber optic strand extensions have a small barrette to clips into the hair and the braids have a clip. Both light-up extension types run on a small watch battery and and turn on and off by sliding the door so the contacts underneath don’t touch the battery. The colorful extensions are about 23 inches (58 cm) long and are of fine silk-like threads. The braids are a bit heavier, about 10 inches (25 cm) somewhat like mane hair and have one gold strip in the center that lights up. The fiber optic strands are about 10 inches as well.

Colored Horses On Parade Extensions Work

All of these extensions are very easy to put in and take out. They can be trimmed to match the length of your horse’s mane or tail or left long to add some fullness and length. They can be left free flowing or braided in.

My Impressions

These are a lot of fun. When I got the review samples I could hardly wait to play with them and see what Trillium looked like with a colorful and sparkling mane and tail. I can see there being some practical uses for the light-up extensions. Trail riders that are out riding after dark might like to add some ‘tail lights’ to their horse so they are more visible. Yes, you can use glow sticks, but these are quite heavy in comparison and don’t have the same eye-catching sparkle. I loved the variety of colors of all the extensions. I’m concerned that the long colored extensions will tangle easily. The threads are very fine. Finger combing them works well, but a windy day might mess things up a bit.

The clips on the light up extensions might need reinforcing. Some braiding elastics and perhaps braiding the extensions in might help to hold them more securely. There are instructions on the website to help you set the combs securely. It’s great that the batteries are replaceable and the vendor tells me that the ones that come with the products last about five hours.

If you’re riding during hunting season, the blaze orange long extensions and the light-ups along with blaze orange tack might make you stand out from the game a little more.  Long distance riders might find these useful and teams could color co-ordinate so their pit crews can ID them easily from a distance. These are a natural for parades and costume classes and kids are horse camps would have a blast with these especially because you could deck your own hair out to match your horse’s! These are safe, easy and fun for everyone!

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