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Horse Product and Book Reviews

Find reviews of horse equipment and products that will help you care for and enjoy your horse. Book reviews cover books that will help you increase your horse knowledge and skills.
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About.com Readers Review Horseback Riding Helmets
Read About.com Horses readers' reviews of different makes and models of horseback riding helmets. Find suggestions on fit, appearance, comfort, ventilation and durability of many horseback riding helmets, or contribute your own review. See submissions

Absorbine Fly Bonnet - Product Review
A review of the Absorbine Fly Bonnet, a great product that helps keep pesky insects away from your horse's face and ears.

Don't Shoot Me - High Visibility Wear for Horses
Blaze orange caps, horse blankets, saddle pads, helmet covers and keep you and your horse visible and safe during hunting season. Read this review of Don't Shoot Me - High Visibility Wear for Horses.

English All Purpose Saddle Reviews
Review your English all purpose saddle and help others make a buying decision. Read reviews by About.com Horses readers of their English all purpose saddles. Readers review various makes and models of English all purpose saddles. See submissions

Farnam No Chew-Review
A review of Farnam No Chew. Spray on formula that prevents horses and ponies cribbing and wood chewing on fences and stables.

Horse Tack Review - MB Saddles Review - MB Saddles
A review of MB Saddles. Here's a safe, sturdy alternative to more expensive custom made saddles for the beginner rider.

Koper Equine Easy On Rein Stops
A review of Koper Equine Easy On Rein Stops. Never struggle with putting on or removing rein stops again and make your tack color coordinated.

Mosquito Control by ThermaCELL
A review of ThermaCell mosquito control products. Using ThermaCell products around horses and other outdoor situations.

Perfect Stride Horse Card Game Review
Read a review of the horse card game Perfect Stride by Kay Darby and Jeff Timothy. This fun horse game is perfect for horse lovers or non-horse lovers alike. Learn about game play and set up, components and game variations.

Professional's Choice Wrangler Fly Sheet - Product Review
A review of the Professional's Choice Wrangler Fly Sheet, that protects your horse from biting insects and helps prevents sun bleaching of the hair coat.

Social Networking and About.com Horses
Here is how you can interact with About.com Horses Guide Katherine Blocksdorf on many of the most popular social networking websites like Facebook Twitter and Indenti.ca. Follow Katherine Blocksdorf on social networking sites.

Top Ten Gifts for Horse Owners and Lovers 2007
If you've got a horse lover in your life, you'll have no problem finding the perfect gift. From the the decorative to the practical it won't be hard to find a gift in almost any price range.

Top Ten Things to Do with Baler Twine
A fun list for horse owners of the top ten things they can do with binder or baler twine.

A Review of The The Bit Blanket
Freezing cold bits are very uncomfortable and potentially damaging for a horse's mouth. Learn how a Bit Blanket can solve the problem of frosty bits. A review of The Bit Blanket.

Colored Horses On Parade - Hair Extensions for Horses
Here is a fun way to add color and sparkle to a horse's mane and tail, quickly and safely. A review of Colorful Manes and Tails - Hair Extensions for Horses.

A Review of Dog Gone Smart Horse Wear Blanket
My review of the Dog Gone Smart Horse Wear Stable Sheet with nanotechnology, that promises to keep your sheet cleaner, longer.

Koper Tall Boot Zipper Pull Review
If you fiddle and fuss trying to get the zippers on your tall boots done up, Koper Zipper Boot Pulls will easy the pain. These handy pulls come in a variety of colors and leathers, and make putting on any garment or boot with long zippers much easier.

EquineLUX Saddle Pad Review
Learn about the EquineLux line of luxury horse saddle pads. My review of EquineLux saddle pads.

Sportque Active Body and Skin Care For Riders - Review
Riding and working around horses can take a toll on your skin, especially in extreme weather. Here are three Sportique products that can help.

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