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Tips for Riding Along Roadsides

Safer Horseback Riding Along Roads


horse riding on the road

We see maybe 6 cars a day on our quiet back road, but we've still had to be cautious.

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You should try to avoid riding along roads if possible. But sometimes following a short section of road, or crossing a road to get to a trail is unavoidable. Here are some tips that may help you stay safe riding your horse along roadsides

  • Your horse must be traffic safe before heading out on trail or along roads. Always assume you could meet dirt bikes, ATVs and 4X4s, cars or trucks when riding out of an enclosed area.

  • Review trail riding safety tips and multi-use trail safety tips.

  • Plan to ride in off-peak traffic times.

  • Avoid riding in poor light along roads.

  • Know the traffic regulations in your area regarding horses. Most often horses must travel with the traffic.

  • Try to stay well off the roadside, but watch for hazards in ditches and verges such as broken glass and holes.

  • Stay together. Cross roads as a group so no one is left behind.

  • Be courteous to drivers, especially those who have made a special effort to get around you safely.

  • Hand signals for horseback riders are the same as for cyclists along roads.

  • Stay off pavement if possible. Some road surfaces are like ice to a horse.
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