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Learn the Basics of English or Western Horseback Riding

Discover how to horse ride safely. Whether you want to horseback ride English or Western get started with the basics of good equitation. Learn how to find a good horse riding instructor and what you'll need to get started.
  1. Basic Riding Skills (26)
  2. Learn Advanced Riding Skills (2)
  3. Mounting and Dismounting a Horse (3)
  4. Riding Exercises (8)
  5. Safety With Horses (11)
  6. Taking Riding Lessons (12)

Saddle Your Horse - How to Saddle Your Horse Step-by-Step
How to saddle your horse with an English or Western saddle. Learn how to put a saddle on your horse safely. Pictorial step-by-step instructions.

About Horses and Ponies--Why Learn to Ride?
Why would anyone want to learn to ride a horse? Get answers about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of horseback riding and horse or pony ownership.

Tipping Riding Coaches or Instructors - Do You Tip Riding Coaches
A reader asks: Do you give a riding instructor or riding lesson coach tips? Do you tip a riding instructor?

Instructional Horse Videos on About.com
View these great instructional videos on About.com Horses. Learn to care for your horse and basic riding skills with these videos from About.com Horses.

Tips For Travelers Who Horseback Ride on Vacation
Tips for vacationers whose plans include horseback riding. Learn how to stay comfortable and safer when trail riding or touring on horseback. Learn how to do an emergency stop, what to wear, and basic riding skills.

Improve Horse Riding Skills with Video - Video Your Riding - Video Your...
Videoing your riding is a good way to evaluate and improve your riding. Here's what you may see when you video your next ride.

Taking Up Riding as an Adult
A review of the book Taking Up Riding as an Adult by Diana Delmar. Horses Wise Guides. Advice for the older rider.

How to Lead Your Horse or Pony
It's easy to get stepped on, pushed around, dragged or leaned on while leading a horse. Learn how to cue your horse or pony to walk quietly and safely beside you.

Small and Standard Dressage Arena Letters and Dimensions
Here is how to set up a dressage arena or schooling ring with the proper dimensions and correctly placed letters.

Winter Riding Tips
Find tips that will help you care for and prepare your horse or pony for winter riding.

Learn to Ride a Horse

Here's what you'll need to know as you learn to ride a horse safely. The best way to learn to ride a horse is from a competent coach or instructor. These articles will help you understand what you'll be learning once you're on a horse--whether you plan to learn to ride English or Western.

Learn to Ride a Horse Email Course
Want to learn to ride a horse? Here is a free email course that will give you information about what you need to know when you learn to ride a horse. Learn how to lead, tie, bridle, saddle, do up a Western cinch, walk, halt, turn, trot or jog, canter or lope, and ride safely in an arena or on the trail. Understand the basics of horseback riding...

How to Lunge a Horse
Here's how to learn to lunge a horse. Lunging is a very useful exercise for both the horse and handler. Learn what you'll need to lunge a horse, what the benefits of lunging are and safety tips for beginners.

Am I Too Old to Ride?
Have you always dreamed of driving or owning a horse by fear you're too old? Here are tips for those of us who are of a 'certain age' but still want to learn to ride or own a horse.

Learning To Jump
Learning to jump is useful whether you ride or English or western. Even pleasure riders should know how to safely pop over a log across the trail. Here's how to get started.

Tips for Riding at Night
Safety tips for trail riding at night. Here are a few suggestions that may increase your safety when riding out on trail in the dark.

How To Do An Emergency Stop
Learn to do an emergency stop if your horse bolts or runs away. Here’s how to stop when you feel your horse getting out of control.

Horseback Riding Injuries and Safety Tips
Hughston Sports Medicine Foundation briefly outlines some of the most common injuries that occur when working with and riding or driving horses and offers safety tips to avoid injury.

Lonesome Acres Lesson Handbook
Pat Gottlieb of Lonesome Acres offers a great example of a well planned lesson program. This is a good guide to follow when comparing what different riding lesson instructors are offering.

Facts About Horses
Here are seven common myths about riding that could be holding you back.

How to Overcome a Fear of Riding Horses
Are you nervous about riding a horse? Fear of riding is very common. Here's what you can do about it.

Tips for Safe Horseback Riding
Learn the basic guidelines for safe riding with these helpful tips.

10 Things Not to Do the First Time You Ride
Learn about the ten most common mistakes beginners and non-riders make the first time they ride a horse.

10 Things Not to Do the First Time You Ride
Learn about the ten most common mistakes beginners and non-riders make the first time they ride a horse.

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