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Traditional Horse Show Prize Ribbon Colors

Common Colors of Ribbons or Rosette Awards


Horse Show Rosettes

A wall full of rosettes is every horse owner's dream!

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Depending on where you are in the world, a blue ribbon could mean first or second place. This chart shows you the colors of rosettes or ribbons generally used in United States, Canada, Britain and Australia. The colors may change according to the event organizer's preferences, the club colors, or budget. Awarding ribbons of all one color may be more economical for a small organization. In some countries or areas, traditional colors may not be used at all. In Holland, orange often signifies first place. Often the colors used for the first five placings are traditional, but ribbon colors from 6th downwards are less consistent.

Rosette Colors

Placing United StatesCanada Britain Australia
1 BlueRed Red Blue
2 RedBlue Blue Red
3 YellowWhite Yellow White
4 WhiteYellow White Yellow
5 PinkGreen Green Brown
6 GreenPink Maroon *
7 PurpleBrown Pale Green *
8 BrownMaroon Tan *
9 GrayGray Brown *
10 Pale BluePale Blue Grey *

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