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Get Ready for Costume Classes and Parades

Take a Horse in a Costume Class or Parade


Get Ready for Costume Classes and Parades

A poodle skirt and a poodle horse.

Photo: Bonnie G

Dressing up for a costume class or preparing to ride or drive a horse in a parade can be a lot of fun. But you want to make sure that while you are riding or driving a horse in a parade or in costume, you are also staying safe as possible. Here are some ideas for putting together safe costumes and getting ready for a parade.

Helmets do not make you accident proof. But they do go a long way to protecting a part of your body that is difficult to heal - your head. Unfortunately, the helmet often goes out the window when it comes to making a costume. But over the years I've seen some clever disguises as people incorporated their helmet into their costume. Here are some ideas, and some information about helmets.

It can be a lot of fun decorating your horse for a costume class or parade. All it takes are some inexpensive materials and a bit of imagination.

Before you head out to ride your horse in a parade there are some things you should know. Parades can be a high stress environment for some horses so you'll want to prepare before you go.

Riding and Driving Safety

The basics of riding and driving safety need to be observed wherever you go. Make sure that vehicle passengers too, understand the need to observe the safety rules.

Costume Ideas

Need some costume ideas? Here are costume ideas from all over the About.com network to inspire you.

For even more inspiration, here are some parades that feature horse and riders and horse drawn vehicles.

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