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Learn about Sports You and Your Horse or Pony Can Compete In

An introduction the world of competitive horse sports and pleasure riding. Whether you picture yourself in the dressage ring, or guiding a cart through an obstacle course start here for basic outlines of many equine sports. Learn about safety while competing and trail pleasure riding.
  1. About Equestrian Olympics (35)
  2. FEI/WEG Sports (11)
  3. Gymkhana and Play Day Games (9)
  4. Parade Horses and Costume Classes (2)
  5. Sports Over Jumps (4)
  6. Trail Riding on Horseback (15)
  7. Western Disciplines (6)
  8. Your First Competition (7)

Do You Ride English or Western and Why - Riding English or Western
Do you ride English or western? Do you prefer English or Western style riding and why? What made you choose the way you ride? What would you advise a beginner when choosing whether to ride English or western. Readers contribute their reasons for choosing a particular riding style.

Young Rider Programs
Learn about what Young Rider programs are and who they are for. Young Riders programs explained.

An Introduction to Combined Driving
An introduction to the sport of Combined Driving. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you&ll learn at your first Combined Driving competition.

Horse Jobs - Working in the Horse Industry - Readers' Tips
Do you work in the horse industry? Do you have a horse related job? What suggestions would you give to someone who would like to work professionally with horses? Do you have a suggestion for jobs with horses? Share your tips!

Horseback Riding Safety on Trail - Readers' Tips for Trail Safety
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Riding Safely and Comfortably in Winter - Reader's Winter Riding Tips
Find tips that will help you care for and prepare your horse or pony for winter riding. Winter horse care tips. Winter riding tips from readers.

Readers' Tips for Horse Riding Arena Etiquette and Safety
Readers' tips to maximize your safety and enjoyment when riding your horse or pony in an arena or ring. Learn the rules of arena riding.

An Introduction to Paralympics
An introduction the the sport of para-equestrian dressage. Dressage is the paralympic sport. Learn more about the history and requirements of this paralympic sport.

Jobs with Horses
If you love horses you may be considering a career in the horse industry. Here is a list of jobs with horses and jobs that support the horse industry.

Jobs with Horses
Want to spend as much time in the saddle as possible? Here are seven jobs that entail riding horses.

Horse Driving Safety Tips
Learn safety tips for driving your horse in harness. Learn about driving skills, vehicle safety and safety while driving.

Tips for Safe Horseback Riding
Learn how you can stay safer while riding a horse with these tips and recommendations. Safe riding skills help you avoid accidents and have more fun while riding your horse.

The Differences Between Western and English Riding
Learn about the basic differences between English and western riding styles, including the techniques, attire and equipment. You'll also learn about sports specific to English or western riding.

Poll - What is Your Favorite Horse Sport?
Vote for your favorite horse or pony sport, whether it's one you like to compete in or just watch. What do you think the post popular sport will be? After you've cast your vote, check what other readers have voted for.

An Introduction to Dressage Riding
An introduction to the sport of dressage. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you'll learn at your first dressage test. Find out how dressage can benefit riders and horses of any discipline

Dressage For Beginners
Hosted by USDF Certified Instructor Catherine Sutton this site provides a step-by-step guide to getting started in the art of dressage riding. Both rider and horse training are addressed in these well illustrated tutorials.

An Introduction to Voltige or Vaulting
An introduction to the sport of Voltige or Vaulting. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you need to know about vaulting or Voltige.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Camps
Learn what you need to know before choosing a horse camp for your child. Find out what you need to ask and check so your young camper has the best and safest experience camping and with horses.

An Introduction to Polo
Learn about the exciting game of polo, whether you'd like to ride on a team or watch from the stands.

An Introduction to Cross Country Jumping
An introduction to the sport of cross country jumping. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you'll learn at your first cross country jumping competition.

An Introduction to Show Jumping
An introduction to the sport of show jumping. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you'll learn at your first show jumping competition.

An Introduction to Western Equitation
Discover how to get started, how to prepare your horse and what the benefits of western equitation are.

What You Need To Take To A Horse Show for The Horse
Here's a list of all the gear you'll need for your horse when you go to a horse show. This basic list covers all the equipment, feed and grooming items that you'll need to pack when heading out to show your horse.

An Introduction to Reining
Learn team work with the fast paced sport of team penning. Here is what you need to know to get started.

Introduction to Endurance Riding
Learn about Endurance Riding. You'll find basic information about how to prepare you and your horse and what to expect while competing. Links take you to sample conditioning schedules and information about this exciting long distance riding sport.

An Introduction to Field Hunting
The sport of field hunting is no longer reserved for the rich. Some clubs even have days where the public is invited and you can ride in you western saddle. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare and what to expect at your first field hunt.

Learn About Le TREC
Learn about Le TREC, a trail competition rapidly gaining popularity in Europe and North America.

Traditional Horse Show Prize Ribbon Colors
This article explains the colors of horse show rosettes and ribbons from different countries. Traditional colors of horse prize ribbons awarded.

How to Make a Safe Horse Costume
Do you want to make a costume for a horse for a parade or horse show. Here are tips for making your costume safe for you and your horse. Find advice and resources to make the safest and most creative costume for a horse.

Tips for Horseback Trail Riding at Night
Safety tips for trail riding at night. Here are a few suggestions that may increase your safety when riding out on trail in the dark.

Is Horseback Riding a Sport
Is horseback riding truly a sport? Here's an answer for those non-riders who don't believe horseback riding is a sport.

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