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Definition: A stall is a small room where a horse lives while he is kept indoors in a stable or barn. Standing stalls are wide enough for the horse to stand and lie down comfortably. The horse is tied at the front of the stall and is not able to turn around. Feed and water are placed within reach in front of the horse. A box stall or loose box allows the horse to move around and are usually a minimum of 10'x12' depending on the size of the horse. A foaling stall will be several feet wider. There should be ample room for the mare as she gives birth and when the foal arrives, there is plenty of room for the pair to move around or lie down.
Pronunciation: s t aw l (a as in father)
Also Known As: loose box, foaling box
The foal slept stretched out in the straw as the mare stood over him in the stall.

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