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Holiday Horse Gifts,Pictures, Recipes, Safety and Fun

Fun and Safe Ideas for Enjoying Horses This Holiday


When winter arrives, our horse activities tend to wind down and turn into a routine of mucking out, feeding and grooming. Why not have some holiday horse fun? The holidays are a great opportunity to have some fun and introduce your non-horsey friends and family to your equine companion. Holidays are also about making a gift list. If you have a horse lover in your life, you will not have any problem finding the perfect gift. In fact, the problem might be too many choices. So however you celebrate, here are some suggestions to help you enjoy the season with your horse.

Holiday Horse Gifts

Young Artist Horse Gift Basket

If you have a horse horse lover in your life you should have no problem choosing an appropriate gift. Online and brick and mortar tack stores are brimming with giftables. In fact, if you're not horsey yourself, you may be overwhelmed. But take heart. I've put together a few ideas, from the very small and practical to grandiose that should put the smile on the face of any horse lover.

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Holiday Horses Parade and Costume Tips

2006 Sandra F.

For horse lovers, holidays can mean particpating in holiday parades. Parades can be a scary place for some horses, so you'll want to be sure your horse is used to the fuss and noise. The best part is getting dressed in costume and decorating your horse. Wondering what is safe and easy? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Holiday Horse Safety Tips

Photo: 2008 K. Blocksdorf

Over the holiday season, your horse may have a few more visitors than usual. Of course, everyone will want to 'pet the horse'. But you'll want to keep everyone safe. If you plan to give horseback rides, make sure everyone uses all the right safety equipment, even if they're only going to be mounted a few minutes.

If you're going away for the holidays, you might include a horseback ride in your plans. I've included some tips to help you stay safer and more comfortable on your adventure.


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Holiday Gifts for Your Horse

Gummy Frog Cakes Horse Treats
There are lots of prepackaged horse treats Compare Prices that your horse will appreciate. I keep a package of treats in my storage box as rewards.

Want to whip up some quick treats for your horse? These recipes are easy to make and perfect for giving. Your own horse will love them and other horse lovers will appreciate a package for their own horses. Also try the Oat 'n' Apple Chewie Horse Treats. Be sure to feed any treat safely.


Holiday Horse Pictures

horse christmas picture
2007 Debbie M.

This gallery contains pictures of horses in costume. Get great ideas for your own horse costume or submit a picture of your horse (and you) in costume, for show, parade or fun.

Holiday Horses: Should You Give a Horse as a Gift?

Is someone in your house begging for a horse? Should you give a horse as a gift? That will depend on the readiness of the recipient to take the responsibility of caring for a horse. If you have decided your child is ready, perhaps the actual presentation of the horse or pony should wait until after the hustle and bustle of the holidays dies down. But really, a horse with a bow around its neck is the ulitmate gift for the horse crazy kid--or adult.


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