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Plants Toxic to Horses - Red Oak

Plants Toxic to Horses and Ponies - Red Oak


Plants Toxic to Horses - Red Oak
2007 K. Blocksdorf
Before we bought our former property I very nearly passed it over because of the three large red oaks behind the house. The leaves of red oaks are toxic to horses. Thankfully they are far enough away from the paddocks that the horses can not reach them.

While I've had my horses snatch a mouthful of oak leaves while riding with no apparent harm, a large quantity can be dangerous.

Various varieties of oaks live throughout North America. Horses will eat the leaves if there is no other food available. Water may be contaminated by fallen leaves. Acorns are also toxic if eaten in quantity.

Signs of oak poisoning are:

  • colic symptoms
  • diarrhea
  • darkened urine
  • depression
Resource: The Ohio State University Extension: Horse Nutrition Bulletin 762-00 - Trees and Shrubs

If you suspect poisoning from any plant or substance call your veterinarian immediately.

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